Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quiltathon #3 This Weekend!

Judy Laquidara has planned another quiltathon for us this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. I'm not sure how much I will get done, but I'll try. Afterall, my guild's 25th Anniversary Quilt Show that I am chairing is coming up at the end of June. I have two quilt tops(Star Crossing and Spring Loaded) that need to be finished. I also need to sew on labels and attach sleeves to the ones I already have finished.

Another idea is to cut out the quilt for the Quilt in an Hour project. Judy has cutting instructions posted. If I cut them out this weekend, then I'll be ready to sew on Monday!

I have a lot of pictures to share from my trip to Paducah. Between helping Terry with her daughters house, Julia's wisdom teeth removal (dry socket in one of them), coordinating the Quilt Show, clearing out some stuff in my house, and Steve's colonoscopy... it's been busy around here! I know you all understand.

Take care!



  1. Those are both such beautiful quilts! I went and looked for that flower quilt pattern the first time you posted about it cuz I remembered it from the magazine and it is now on my "want to make" list. I didn't realize there was another quiltathon this weekend...yikes I may have to clear my calender :)

  2. Love those two tops! They are great. Waaaay too much going on this weekend to join in quilt-a-thon. *sigh*

  3. Ooooh, Star Crossing is one of my favorite patterns for the movement but I haven't ever made one. Yours is inspiring for sure!



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