Monday, July 14, 2008

Quilt Show

Our quilt show was a huge success! Thanks for all the well-wishes, prayers, and thoughts. It worked!

Set-up day was a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of day. Terry, our helpers, and I got to the museum around 8:00 that morning. We sort of had a plan, but then again we didn't. Terry made the plans for the poles and where the over 300 quilts were going to hang. She had it all drawn out on graph paper. We all know that the best laid plans look great on paper, but, once you start setting up poles and hanging quilts, changes have to me made. Poles don't fit where you thought they would;quilts aren't the size the quiltmaker said on the registration form. It can all get overwhelming, to say the least. We were there until 9:00 that night setting up. Most people left around 1:00 that afternoon, but our buddies stayed with us until we walked out the door. I don't know what we would do without them! They helped us make sure the show was gorgeous...

and it was.

Here are Gloria and Margaret at the admissions table.

At every quilt show we have a quilt top in a quilting frame. Everyone that comes to the show can sit with our ladies and quilt, if they want to. Since this was our 25th Anniversary Quilt Show, we had guild members make dark blue tone on tone Ohio Star block since the Ohio Star is our logo. We got enough blocks to make 4 full size quilts, so Terry took the 25 best made blocks and made the quilt top for guests and members to hand quilt at the show. The rest of the blocks will be given away at our 25th Anniversary party in September. Here is a guest quilting with our members.

Patricia Knoechel, Eleanor Burn's sister, has been our special guest speaker for the past 22 years. She gives quilting demonstrations through out the entire show. The demos are from one of their latest publications and patterns or booklets from Quilt in a Day. She always needs two helpers for the show. Here are Deanna and Nell assisting Patricia.

Eula and Jean always work at Patricia's "store" that she brings with her every time. They do a great job selling her books, patterns, booklets, rulers, and more.

It's always fun to see our friends from far away places. Terry and I have lots of friends in Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Gas prices didn't keep them away, which was really sweet. Most of them said after they heard about our dilema with the show and losing more than $1500 they felt they had to come and support us. How sweet!

One of my friends from Pat Sloan's Yahoo Group came to see me, too!

Karen came from the Terre Haute area. This was her first time to go anywhere this far away by herself. I felt so honored! We had a great time visiting and looking at quilts. I told her about my friend, Betty, who has a quilt shop in Boonville, Indiana, and maybe she should stop by there on the way home. She wasn't able to, but hopefully she will be able to meet me there one day!

It's also fun when our family comes to see us. Here are Laura and two of the grandbabies and Laura with me in front of my Corner Flower Shop quilt.

Here's Terry with her daughter and her two,almost 3, babies.

I feel bad, but I was so busy, everything seems like a big blur. I was running from one floor to the other making sure all my workers were okay, visiting with the guests that came, explaining quilts, talking to newspaper reporters, time flew by so fast. I didn't shoot as many pictures as I normally would. I did shoot some, and I'll share them with you now, but I will be getting more from my friends, soon, and will post those as soon as I get them.

The Lincoln Trail Quilt Guild in Tell City, Indiana got together and made quilts to commemerate the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. These quilts were made from Eleanor Burn's book, Underground Railroad. There were 19 quilts all together lining the halls of the museum.

Since it was our 25th Anniversary we thought it would be nice to show past President's quilts. This one is Lucy Pattersons. Lucy passed away several years ago. She was my secret sister and gave away such nice things. I still use the pincushion that she made for me. Here is the quilt she received after her service as President.

The next quilt is one that Terry made from orphan blocks that she had from various projects. Some of them are wallhangings that she finished but hadn't quilted, yet. I know for sure I could have lots of quilts that look similiar to this!

Here are Hannah Montana quilts that any little Hannah Montana fan would love!

Terry made this Quilt Soup quilt, Delicate Balance, for her grandaughter who is a ballet dancer. I don't care how old you are, or if you have two left feet and can't dance at all; this quilt is something every girl (young and old) loves.

I love Halloween quilts. Terry bought me the kit and pattern to this quilt for my birthday last year. Isn't it adorable?

Some of the ladies in our guild did this project together. Every month for 9 months they were given patterns to complete blocks for this quilt. Here is Sharon's. I love the pale yellow and pinky reds. The pattern is called Cottage Sampler, and I think it is out of print. It's an old pattern.

As I said before, I was so busy those two days I didn't shoot the pictures that I needed to. Hopefully, you have enjoyed what I have shared so far. There's lots more, though, and my friends all know that I need some pictures!

I wonder if anyone shot pictures of how 50 quilts and their poles fell like a stack of dominoes 15 minutes before the show started? That was a horrible sight, but they were quickly put back in place thanks to fast acting guild members and their grandchildren!

Would we do it again even with all of the turmoil of the last two weeks of the hotel closing? You bet we would! We love these ladies, and we're so glad they had such a great idea of starting a guild 25 years ago. Terry and I did this for them. We appreciate their willingness to teach us how to quilt, and all of the mothering that we receive. We love them all.



  1. It looks like you and your group pulled off a wonderful show even with all the last minut problems. Congratulations!

  2. WONDERFUL write-up and terrific pictures. It is obvious you and Terry have a very high regard for your guild and for quilting and I'm sure that is what helped you overcome all the last-minute glitches. I'll look forward to more photos and I'm glad you finally got to post this for us!

    Pat in DE

  3. Hi Amanda, wow!!! I love the pics of the quilt show, and your quilts are spectacular! I love the hannah momtana one that was on display as well, my granddaughter would kill for it, lol! I hope you get some rest, Barb from Ocean Waves Quilts

  4. What a wonderful quilt show it must have been! Looks like all your hard work paid off. I'll watch for info on next year's show and put that on my wish list for places to go!

  5. Wow what a lot of work to put together. But it turned out so nice. What a great show. I loved the pumpkin/halloween quilt. So much character in it. Congrats on success Amanda.

  6. Congratulations! Looks like all your hard work paid off big!

    Loved your virtual show for us. Wish I could have seen it in person, but a least this way - seeing it on my monitor... there was no one to scold me, "please don't touch the quilts". And yes... my monitor has finger prints now.

  7. Beautiful quilts!!!!

    I am so glad it went well.

  8. Amanda, I'm so happy that the quilt show went so well. The pictures are wonderful and will help to jog your memory...LOL

  9. It looks like a very successful show! Congrats!

  10. Amanda, thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos of the quilts, a bit hard to choose a favorite!!

  11. What a gorgeous collection of quilts. I've never been to a quilt exhibition, so seeing one is so exciting. Thank you so much for sharing. It must've been such hard work to organise. Well done.

  12. Amanda,
    Great post for the show. The quilts are as beautiful as I remember. I think my favorites are the Lincoln quilts. I love those colors. I had a great time and it was so great to meet you and your guild ladies. I hope I can get back down that way sometime and meet you at the quilt shop. I will need to save lots of money first.

    Karen in IN

  13. Amanda, just stopped by to look at all the beautiful quilts. They are gorgeous! Despite all the hard work, it must be wonderful to put on such a beautiful show with good friends. Congratulations on a great job!
    Carol B.

  14. Thanks, everybody!!!

    Do you remember in my last post about how the lamb's ears were whispering to each other about how Steve and I need a vacation? Well, we took their advice!!! We have been on a two week vacation along with our youngest daughter and her friend.

    You're not going to believe this, but we were on our way home today and our Suburban broke down. We had to be towed 5 miles back towards Knoxville, TN. We found a place at a Hampton Inn. So, here we are in a town we don't know with no vehicle. It's kinda fun! I always say that there is a reason for why things happen. I don't know what the reason is, but we're having fun despite the amount of money this little episode is going to cause. Oh well. It's much cheaper than the cost of a new car!

    The guy at the hotel told me I could use the computer! How fantastic is that? This is the first time I have had internet access since I have been gone.

    I have lots to blog about, so I can't wait to get home and tell you about quilt shops, beaches, and more!


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