Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Stash Challenge Update


TA DA!! Thanks for having confidence in me that I could at least finish the top.

The pattern I chose to do Gatlin's Halloween Quilt is Turning Twenty. I made the blocks smaller so that I could make it a youth sized quilt or just a little bit smaller. I like for my baby quilts to be a larger size so that the kids can cuddle up with them a little longer than just while they are a baby.

I really loved the Turning Twenty pattern when I discovered it 3 years ago; it was great. However, the new and improved Turning Twenty book has updated the cutting directions and has used more updated fabrics. She also has included more great pattern ideas.

If you haven't tried the Turning Twenty pattern yet, then you are in for a real treat! The quilt is so fast that you can make a full sized quilt in less than three hours! It's perfect for using those packs of coordinated fat quarters that just call your name when you visit your favorite quilt store, but you don't know exactly what to do with them. It's also great for making wedding quilts, graduation quilts, quilts with a theme such as holidays, hobbies, or a collection of fabrics that "say" everything about you.

For example, I made this sewing themed quilt for when I go to quilting retreats.
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As you can see, I not only used fabrics with the sewing theme, I was also able to find polka dots, stripes, and other fun little prints to coordinate along with the same values and colors of the sewing themed fabrics. For me, I like to use coordinates with the novelty fabrics. It seems to help keep your eyes from going so many places and lets them "rest" so they can enjoy looking at the adorable designs in the other fabrics.

In Gatlin's quilt I didn't really follow that "rule". I figure since he is a baby he will enjoy looking at all the different designs in his quilt. I did use the orange with the green polka dot as the "eye rester", but I don't think it helped much. Although the green and black print is a Halloween design, the print is so small that it sort of works as an "eye rester", too!

I was debating rather or not to put a border on his quilt. The Turning Twenty pattern has a neat border idea (it allows you to use your entire fat quarter which means no fabric left over, which is great!). I'm still debating.

Thanks, Eileen and Ulla for this fun little challenge you gave us. It doesn't look like I will have mine completed in time, but I had fun. Thanks!



  1. Love the quilts! The themed one is a hoot! I saw the book at the quilt store the other day...shoulda bought it! Next time. Thanks for showing off your stuff!

  2. Amanda.. good job in getting the flimsy finished! We are so glad you joined us in the challenge this summer.

  3. That is sooo cute! He's gonna love it, lucky little guy :) I have thought about doing the turning 20 with some large scale prints that I love and want to show up. I'll have to check out the new book.

  4. Amanda, well done with the challenge quilt top. You will finish it soon, and it will be a lovely quilt. Thank you for joining us!


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