Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Me, A Biker Babe?

Over at Pat Sloan's blog today she posted a picture of a bag she bought while shopping with her teenage niece. If you've ever shopped with a teenager you know that you spend a lot of time driving them from one store to the next while they look for the perfect thing that is going to make their life great. In the mean time, it leaves you looking around in stores that you would never go into if you didn't have a teenager.

Take a look at this bag.

If you look at it close enough you'll see that it says "Cut and Sew"! How funny is that? Pat, of course, had to buy it. Her teeage niece teased her about being a biker chick. I commented and told Pat that if I bought this bag it might bring out my inner biker babe.

Can you see me as a biker babe?

This is about as good as it gets! This is me and my friend, Debbie. She bought a scooter to help her save money with the rising gas prices this summer, and she came to see me.

I wish I could tell you that Julia shot our picture after Debbie and I took a quick ride around the city, ate lunch at Famous Bistro, and she just happened to be outside with her camera as we drove up. I didn't have make-up on, so instead, I jumped on, embarrassed surprised Julia, and asked to take our picture.

Surely you don't think that me not having make-up on kept me from driving it around town! No...I couldn't find my helmet, shin guards, elbow pads, and mouth piece! Safety first!!!

I do love the bag. I could add it to my collection of bags that I carry when I go to quilt shows!

Quick update on my family in LA. Gustav is in Shreveport, but everything is okay.
Thanks for praying for all of us in blogland with family in LA.



  1. I saw that bag at Macy's shopping with my daughter last week! She wanted me to get it but I chickened out. It did crack me up!

  2. So glad your family is OK! You go there 'biker' babe!

  3. I think you would probably make a great biker babe. But you really need some leather----pink maybe!!!

    Karen in IN

  4. I think you make a wonderful biker babe!!!! Love the bag too!

  5. Hi Amanda, welcome to the challenge
    for UFOs. I have you blog addy now and will get you added to the list.
    Gooh luck in achieving your goal. If you need anything changed just hollar. Hugs, Finn

  6. Love the bag! Love the picture! So much fun. I am glad that I found your blog (on Finn's list)



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