Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Work In Progress Challenge

I love Fall. I love the colors, the crispness in the air, watching the leaves change colors on the trees, apple cider, pumpkins, mums, sunflowers, the Fall holidays, Reids Apple Festival, craft shows, and everything else there is about Fall.

My love for the Fall began when I was in the Second grade. Dad drove our Airstream Travel Trailer(I'm sure I have a photo of ours somewhere, but you can see what it looked like here) to Dayton, Ohio. Mom and I flew from our hometown of Shreveport, LA to meet him. I remember sitting by the window looking down on Ohio. All I could see were purple trees and beautiful old barns. I had never seen trees turn colors! Shreveport is filled with evergreen trees, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw so many different colored trees! This was the beginning of my love for Fall and old barns. We then drove from Ohio, stopping along the way at campsites through Kentucky (where we visited Mammoth Cave), Tennessee, and Arkansas. Fall had a new meaning to me.

You would think that since I love Fall so much that I would have fall themed quilts. I have a couple, but none large enough to hang over my couch or cuddle up with on a cool night. Sure, I have quilts I would love to make. Such as this one

I bought the pattern and the fabrics for my birthday 3 years ago. I haven't even started it, yet.

Do you remember this quilt that I was working on last Spring so I could have it finished for Fall?

It's still not finished. I made more blocks to make it larger, and started sewing the rows together. To be honest, I don't know why I put it back in it's little box on my WIP shelves shelf.

I fell in love with the quilt on the front cover of the recent American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.

The girls at Joined at the Hip designed this quilt. I loved it so much, I ordered the kit from their website. They wrote this sweet little note saying that they made that quilt a while back and didn't have some of the same fabrics. They used their stash in creating my kit.

I'm so glad they did! Just look at all of those pretty fabrics. I love the one with the leaves. And those oranges and blue plaid are perfect.

I think I need to update my stash.

Oh well, back to the subject: A Work in Progress Challenge. Patti mentioned a challenge that Finn has posted on her blog. The rules aren't hard, you just have to have some projects finished by New Year's Eve! I set a goal to finish 7 projects by that time. I am going on 2 retreats (one in September and one in November), a family trip to Savannah, GA in October (the sewing machine always goes on vacation with me) and I am trying to get in at least an hour or two of sewing a day. I should be able to finish something!

My first project to finish is this quilt called Turning Leaves.

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Here it is in pieces on the design floor of my sewing room. I have already started sewing the rows together. The quilt has sort of changed since I shot this picture last week. One of the yellows was too bright, and I have rearranged some leaves. My plan for this quilt is to hang it above my couch in the family room.

My quilts may not be quilted in time for the Fall season this year, but at least I can try to finish them so they can be ready next year. Hopefully this challenge will help me accomplish that goal. There's nothing like a little shove encouragement to get me busy!

Edited: You can find the pattern for the Turning Leaves quilt here.


  1. The Turning Leaves quilt is gorgeous! I share your appreciation for in southern Nevada the leaves don't change color either--they're either evergreen, or they just fall I am always dreaming of new fall projects to have a sense of fall around here!

  2. I just love how the purple is being used for Autumn things now.. SO pretty. You need to get that leave quilt done and put it up as your header. :)
    And come to Ohio again someday..

  3. wowza you are making progress...I love you turning leaves. Was it hard. I want to do something for fall to I have the itch. Don't know yet what to do...

  4. I made the Thimbleberries quilt Harvest time. It's a classic I'm really proud of. I took real pumpkin leaves and traced them on the pumpkins and handquilted the design. I made it in a REAL busy time in my life. It took quite a while, but I set an egg timer for 15 minutes of sewing a day and it worked. The kids even cheered me on. I found extra time to get things "set Up" for that special 15 minutes-- like right before I went to sleep, or right after I folded laundry. I would tell myself that time wouldn't count-- laughing...I have good memories making that quilt. I think you should do it....

  5. I think that issue of AP&Q is the best . . . I want to make so many things from it *s*

  6. Fall is such a lovely time. The leaves quilt is lovely. I love purple in a fall quilt.

  7. Here in Minnesota, we get the full circle of fall colors. Some of the trees are beginning to turn and I am taking a series of photos to post on my blog that will show the changing colors and will begin posting them next week. Fall is my favorite time of the year!

  8. You have some beautiful wip's!! I love that turning leaves quilt, you will definitely have some gorgeous fall quilts next year :)

  9. omg have the BEST fall quilts going on.

    i think it's great you are joining that challenge.
    i have a few in 'waiting' maybe i should join so i can be "encouraged"

    great post.

    how are you btw???

  10. Turning leaves is beautiful.Love the fall quilts ...all of them. I just wish I had one I would be challenged to get it done. Have accumulated many fabrics.... maybe should start a new one! *s*

  11. Great quilt show. I love the Thimbleberries one. So are you gonna make that pumpkin one?? If so I can't wait to see. She has the best patterns. And I love the fall ones.

  12. I'm glad you're encourged to finished these...they are beautiful..too gorgeous to be on a WIP shelve, I'm working on one of the scrap quilts out of the BH & G. I agree it is a good issue.

  13. I love that quilt on the cover of AP&Q too. I have a WIP Fall quilt or I would order a kit, too. This looks like a fun quilt to do.

  14. You'll enjoy making that fall quilt, what lovely fabrics!! and how sweet of them to raid their stash for you.


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