Monday, October 13, 2008

Cottage Block Housewarming Party

Hi, Bloggy friends!

In my last post I reminded you all about the Cottage Block Housewarming Party going on at Melissa's blog. I had the date correct, but the day was wrong! I thought the 13th was on Sunday, but instead it is today!

It is the cutest house warming party that I have ever been to. Melissa was not only creative in constructing her cottage blocks, but her explanation of her little cottage town is so adorable.

The housewarming party is still going on. There are door prizes, refreshments(recipes that we shared. Mine was my husband's Chicken Pizza), and more.

Nanette,the creator of the cottage block, has joined in on the fun and is giving away some great prizes, too.

Go have fun!



  1. You are sweet Amanda. Melissa has done such a great job. It really is fun.

  2. Hey Hannah Amanda Montana !!! (Don't know why your kids don't dig the new you.... you look like a natural to me!!) Anyhow, thanks so much for the heads up about Melissa's Cottage Block Housewarming party!!! I zipped over as soon as I read your comment on my blog .... what a cute idea!! Thanks again!!

  3. Amanda,
    Thanks for visiting me. I really enjoyed Melissa's Party. I will definitely give your chicken pizza a try.

    Karen in IN

  4. I thought you looked pretty good as HANNAH montana, and the kids pics in front of Happy Jack are too dear. I do like that quilt.


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