Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Cottages Find Their Way to My House

The Christmas cottages finally found their way to my house. I think they were a little disappointed that my house isn't decorated for Christmas, yet. I got some cute ideas from them, so I'll be decorating soon! I think pretty little red curtains, a wreath on my front door, and a snowman appliqued to my front porch would be perfect. I think I'll talk to my roofers to see if they have Christmas shingles!

Aren't they adorable? Every one did a great job! I love them all! (If you would like to visit everyone who was in my group, I have set up a list on my sidebar. You should be able to click on their name and go to their blog.)

Look at this little card our coordinators, Nanette and Terri gave us. Mine has a sewing machine charm dangling from the edge. The little buttons are precious. How cute! Thanks, girls!

Thank you Nanette for designing the Christmas Cottage block. Nanette and Terri were great hostesses and really did a lot of work behind the scenes organizing this swap. Thank you both! It's been a lot of fun and I have met so many nice ladies.


Did you hear? There's a quiltathon going on over at Judy's blog Saturday and Sunday. I am going on my annual Christmas Present Quilting Retreat with my quilting buddies next week. I'm hoping to get some projects cut out during the Quiltathon so I can be ready to sew full speed ahead at the retreat! It's supposed to be cold and snowy tomorrow. How perfect!

So what quilting plans do you have this weekend?

Have fun!



  1. Cute cottages!! I just love mine too! I'm trying to collect some more, since I just can't get enough of the darlings!


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