Sunday, November 9, 2008

Puppy Love

This is Sookie, my family's sweet little dog that we rescued last year. I'll tell you a little more about her later. In the meantime, Holly, has an important message for all of you. Click on Sookies photo on my sidebar and read more.

As you know, President Elect Obama, in his acceptance speech, promised his daughters, Malia and Sasha, a puppy after the election. The family has decided to adopt a dog from a shelter.

Not only is Obama busy with the Presidential transition process, but he's also busy with making sure his family has an easy transition into the White House, the biggest job of all. A puppy will make the transition much easier. These little girls are leaving their friends, moving to a new city, and starting new schools in the middle of the school year. A puppy will give them something to look forward to; something to comfort them; a friend that's always there.

Choosing a puppy will be no easy task for the Obama's. Their oldest daughter, Malia, is allergic. Doctors have said that if they chose a low hypoallergenic dog it should be okay since the White House is large and if Malia doesn't have the dog come in her room. The AKC has suggested the poodle, several terriers, and the Portugal water dog.

There are millions of little doggies waiting to be adopted. In an effort to bring awareness to the need for people to adopt these animals, Holly has suggested that we write Oprah and ask her to do a show on the Obama family choosing their puppy. What a great idea!

Holly has asked me to ask all of you to blog about this, too, and use this link on your blogs and in your e-mails.

We're bloggers making a difference in the lives of "man's best friend".



I'll post about Sookie and my rescued cat, Izzie, later so you can read more at Holly's blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics and your idea. I went on over to Holly's Blog and whipped off an email to Oprah. Thanks again for sharing.

    Karen in IN

  2. I am a big believer in adopting from the shelter. That is where we found our dear, sweet Harper. The attachment was instant. Oprah could be a hard sell on shelter pets . . . she has purebreds.

  3. Sookie is just adorable!! It is sad how many animals there are without a home. It would be wonderful if everyone were able to take one in!

  4. sookie is darling! my fudge is a rescue too. love her to death!

  5. I just love puppies!.
    Got my cottage block. Thank you so much.


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