Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Halloween Fun

This is my second post today. I realized that I didn't show pictures of the grand kids and their Halloween outfits.
The great thing about having grand children is that when you're kids get too old to want to be home for Halloween, at least the grand kids still think your house is fun.

Laura and the kids came over to my house to trick-or-treat. They always come over for Halloween because my neighbors love to see the kids,and for our traditional Halloween dinner.

Alexis was Hannah Montana in need of a root touch up.

Laura found these really cute sweat shirt/Halloween costumes for two of the boys. How adorable are these?

Cameron was a race car driver, which he hopes to be when he grows up, and

Brayden was a skeleton.

Gatlin was a frog. He jumped from one house to the next.

You wouldn't believe the candy that 4 little kids can bring home! All I can say is I'm going to have to go on a diet after all the fun we had in October.


Be sure to scroll down to see the first post I made today. You'll see a couple of my houses for the Christmas Cottage Block Exchange.


  1. I am so much amazed to find out that you have the grandkids who are about my KIDS! My kids also looooove Hannah Montana.LOL. And you are about my age! will show them her Hanna Montana cosume later.
    Yumi from Japan

  2. What great costumes! It looked so much fun.


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