Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little Things to Pass Along

Okay, so no sewing got done yesterday, but I'm hoping to today. Lots of Christmas decorating got done, though. All of my Christmas quilts are hung and placed around the house. Maybe Judy will count that as part of the quiltathon!

I'm about to head up to the sewing room to do some marathon sewing, but before I do I wanted to pass some little things along to you just in case you need some last minute Christmas present ideas.

You could make Monica's Pennie Pockets and a heart shaped pin cushion that Pam was envying of Elizabeth's and remembered that she saw it at Kimberly Jolly's Fat Quater Shop. Just click on "free projects" and you'll see the pincushion, as well as other ideas, too. Mary Ann designed a fleece scarf for a Last Minute Countdown to Christmas Gift Giving over at Cotton Spice. Click on the months of November and December to see the patterns and instructions that other bloggers shared, including Mary Ann's scarf.

Pink Penguin has some really nice tutorials such as the fabric baskets that you see popping up on other people's blogs. Look on her sidebar for her tutorials. There are several.

Becky also has some great tutorials and Christmas decorating ideas. Her tutorials are also listed on her sidebar.

Lots of people know Amanda Jean better known as Crazy Mom Quilts, and boy does she ever! She has lots of tutorials also listed on her sidebar, such as doll bedding for that special little girl in your life, checkbook cover, Christmas tree skirt, an inspiration board, and lots more.

So, if you're not marathon sewing like I am today, maybe you will after looking at all of these ideas. Oh,and if you have a tutorial on your blog you would like me to share with others, let me know! I'll post them on my list under Tutorials on my sidebar.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Thanks for all the links, I need to get busy! xo

  2. I love your links of great ideas (and tickled that I'm on it). Like Pam... I best be gettin' busy!

  3. I didn't sew at all this weekend - hope you got lots done during the Quiltathon.


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