Friday, December 19, 2008

New Years Eve Challenge

I did it! I met the challenge of finishing 7 projects by New Years Eve! I signed up over at Finn's blog in August. Time sure does fly by fast because it doesn't seem like August when I told her I would complete 7 projects.

So, here's the projects that I finished. Some of them are just tops that are done, and some of them are quilts that have been completed (binding). There are 24 items!!! Wow! I'm on a roll!!!

Here's a baby quilt I made for my nephew that lives in Savannah.

I hand delivered it to him myself when I went for a visit during fall break.

The next one is a fall quilt. I was on a misson to finish fall quilts this year, and this is the only one I completed!

The next one is a shirt that I made for my next door neighbor for her to wear to the Sadie Hawkins dance at the High School.

Her mother had it cut out, bless her heart. She did a great job cutting it out, but she doesn't know much about sewing. She works full time at a gynecolgist/obstretrian office and is the nursing manager. She called me one night and said her sewing machine was messing up. All it needed was a new needle, but she didn't know that. I looked at her frazzled self and said, "I'm sitting here looking at a mother who works full time, has a stressful job, is trying to be a good mom and make her daughter a shirt. I need to take this home and finish it for you." She gave me a hug and a kiss, and the rest is history. I think it turned out cute.

The next quilt is my Christmas tablecloth. I love this tablecloth.

It's made from a combination of Robyn Pandolf's "Holly Go Lightly" and someone's "Gentle Graces". I bought them at Tennessee Quilts.

There is something about looking into my dining room and seeing this on my table that just makes me happy!!! If I got nothing else for Christmas, that would be okay with me because I love this so much!

I've had so much fun decorating my dining room table this year. My Christmas plates, the red chargers, and the green place mats look like I bought everything together when I made the quilt, but I didn't. See, if you buy the things you love (you don't have to have a reason to buy them; just set a price limit and go from there.) one day it all comes together. My plates I got about 9 years ago. They were buy 8 place settings get 8 place settings free, so I jumped on it! The clear glass jars I found in the floral department on sale half price. The cranberries, Monica hand picked, sorted, and shipped them to me. (Just kidding. I just like the think that. Look at her blog about her day at the cranberry farm. It's almost like a documentary on the process of cranberries.) I stuck some silk roses and berry stems (half off, too), and put some candles in my silver candle holders, and talk about gorgeous!!!

Here's Seymore! Isn't he adorable??

Pat Sloan designed him when she was designing for Indygo Junction.

These little trees were so fun to make.

I had so much fun making them I almost feel guilty about including them in on my finished projects for the challenge. Notice I said almost. I did make them for my sewing friends as little gifts for our Christmas Fat Quarter Exchange Party, so I guess they count!

The next three quilts I have made for my grand sons for Christmas. They're not quilted, yet, but the boys will understand.

The one with the panel was from a Fons and Porter magazine. I had planned to make all three boys the same quilt, but I had some problems on the panel not being straight. I had them cut out and partially sewn together when I made an executive decision, tore everything apart and started over with a totally different pattern. Talk about a freeing experience. The pattern is "Just Can't Cut It" by All Washed Up! It's perfect for large prints that you don't want to cut up. It's fast, too.

Here's three pillowcases that I made to go with their quilts.

They'll have their pillowcases to cuddle with until Terry finishes quilting them for me.

The next four photos are the Christmas pillowcases I made for my grand kids as goodie bag treats for our Christmas Cookie Baking Party we had last Sunday.

The boys kept calling them little quilts.

Alexis was impressed. She's 7.

We're in the middle of mixing cookie dough and we have this conversation:

Alexis: Mom-Mom. You made those pillow cases?

Mom-Mom (me): Yes, I made them.

Alexis: You mean you made them from your fabric in your sewing room?

Mom-Mom: Yes, sweetie, I made them from the fabrics in my Christmas stash.

Alexis: I want to learn how to make those!

Mom-Mom: I would love to teach you!

Okay. So that finally! does it for my meeting my New Years Eve Challenge. Thank you Finn! It was fun! And, good luck to the rest of the group on completing your challenge!



  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments! That is awesome!

  2. did some BEAUTIFUL work, Amanda. I am especially touched by the story of why you did that shirt for the girl in your neighborhood. You are a really kind person (but I already knew that from how helpful you have been to me by answering so many blog questions!) Your little granddaughter is SO cute to be so amazed at the pillowcases you made for them! Thanks for sharing all these photos.....oh...and the table DOES look something out of a magazine.

  3. me.....standing....clapping....yeah for you!!!

  4. I just absolutely loved this was inspiring and motivating! I love the story about how you made the blouse for your friend's daughter...and I love the table-setting story...such good advice on buying things even if they don't come together for awhile! And the pillowcases...cute as can be.

  5. Great job!! The shirt is darling! I would love a quilt table cloth!! Is it a regular quilt? Batting, quilted etc?
    My son would love the "Cars" quilts and pillow cases!!
    Happy holidays!

  6. You sure have a lot to be proud of and have earned a good round of applause!!!


  8. Hi Amanda, you did indeed finish, and in GRAND STYLE!!! Three cheers(or maybe 7? or 24?)all those gorgeous projects. I absolutely LOVE your Christmas table cloth. Everyone has laughed at me for years after I made a Christmas quilt tablecloth for our 7 foot tresle table. And of course it wasn't wide enough for a bed(had to allow for the benches). Now, years later, the table is gone, but the Christmas quilt table cloth comes out every year and feels at home on the back of the couch *VBS*
    It's been such fun working with you, and I'm thrilled you achieved your goal!!! Big holiday hugs, Finn

  9. Busy Little Quilter... You ain't kidding! WOW, Amanda! I don't know HOW you did it! Everything is so beautiful (and I'm gaga over the trees).

    So cute about the crannies... huge smile on my face!

  10. Wow, congrats! Putting it all together in one post like that makes you realize just how much you HAVE accomplished. ;)

    And hope you get Alexis hooked on sewing early!

  11. That's a lot of projects to finish since August...good work...

    Oh, you bought fabric at one of my favorite quilt shops - Tennessee Quilts. When I lived in TN it was my home quilt shop...I miss them a lot...

  12. what beautiful finishes!!! impressive! i love the fall quilt and the christmas table cloth. very nice job!!!

  13. I'm in awe of all you've accomplished Amanda! You must feel great! Love the "tablecloth" and have some of that line of fabric. Your Fall quilt is just gorgeous as is everything just wonderful. Thanks for sharing your challenge.

  14. Great job. Everything looks wonderful.

  15. Wow really know how to light a fire! Congrats on all the pretty things you made. I'm commenting because I think the story about finishing up the Sadie Hawkins blouse for that busy mom really touched me. You gave her an absolutely priceless gift! Also must comment about the pillow case story....a friend the other day asked me for a pillowcase pattern for her grand-daughter. They had been out shopping for fabric together...the grand-daughter was upset to see grandma only took a portion of the BOLT of fabric as she was puzzled why only a small bit? The grand-daughter has spent much time folding and refolding, fondling this fabric...that will soon be a pillowcase!

  16. Hi Amanda,

    Just popping by to see how things are with you, and to say Merry Christmas!

    Take care,


  17. Way to go!!!!!!!!! You have been one busy gal!

  18. WooHoo..congrats on all of your wonderful finishes. Wonderful all of them!

  19. Oh my you've been soooo productive!! Yay for you :) Love your projects! Merry Christmas!

  20. What a fun post. Good for you. I love that feeling when I finish a project or accomplish a goal. It is great. The table is lovely - especially with the "table cloth" on it. I don't know why dishes are so beautiful but they are. Maybe it is the round shape? Lovely stuff. You and your family have a wonderful lovely peaceful Christmas.

  21. Alrighty are definitely "Queen Bee!" Wow you were really on a misson. Good for you. Merry Christmas.

  22. WOW! I love the fall leaves quilt -- it is beautiful!

    Congratulations on the finishes; keep up the good work.

    In peace & pieces

  23. Very nice post to read. And that was quite a goal to set for yourself...BUT you DID IT! Congrats.

    Pillowcases...I made some for my granddaughters this Christmas...they opened them and called them "sleeping bags." Cute.

  24. VERY cute "YOU made it!" projects. The quilt for your newphew is adorable! And so is he!
    New Years Challenge for you will be teaching that little daughter to sew! How fun! PATIENCE....Ha!
    Lynn in Mn.

  25. Wow!! You did an amazing job on all your projects!! I loved the cute top for your neighbor, how thoughtful as well! The Cars quilts are great. Great job on everything!!

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  27. What awesome projects! Congrats on your productivity and have a great New Year! :o)

  28. Wow what wonderful finishes. I think your Christmas tablecloth is my favorite although I love the story behind the shirt. That girl's mum will be forever grateful. How cute is Alexis and what fun you will have teaching her to sew! Nice red kitchen aid!! ( we have just bought a pistachio green one - its my favorite thing at the moment).


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