Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quilted Santas and Snowmen

Hi, everyone! I know you're all busy, just like me. You don't have time to read long posts, so I'll try my best, but don't hold me to it make this one quick.

Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottage posted a photo of the quilted Santa that she has. I was sitting at the table with my new laptop looking at Belinda's beautiful Santa, when I looked over and saw three of mine. I guess I take them for granted because I have never shown them to you. I haven't shown my quilted Snowmen, either. Well, now is the perfect time.

Here is my display of my quilted Santas sitting on a side bar in my kitchen nook. (The tree wallhanging was in a Quilter's World magazine a few years ago.)

My friend, Ruth, makes dolls out of old worn out quilts or chenille bed spreads. My favorite ones are the Santas.

Santa #1 likes to sit and let his legs dangle. He is made from an old red and white quilt. I'm not sure if he's been tea dyed, and I'm know nothing about dating fabrics, so I 'm not sure when this quilt was made.

It does look like Santa was once on a Drunkard's Path.

Santa #2 stands tall showing his beautiful coat.

Santa #3 loves to hang out and let his legs dangle, too.

He is made from a chenile bedspread that Ruth has cut and dyed.
My son, Wade, was kind enough to help hold him so I could show you him a little better.

The next set of photos are of my handmade snowmen. My best friend, Terry, made these. Every year she mades a snowman for everyone in her family. Every once in a while I get one, too!

I think my snowmen need a little more snow! And the snowman ornaments on their tree are looking the other way! I guess they're camera shy. It looks like I need to spruce up my decorating on that little table! Oh well. They are sitting underneath my Thimbleberries, "Frosty Lights". I tried to find the pattern on her website,but it isn't there. It must be in a book, now.

This snowman just sits calmly with his arms crossed watching me running around decorating for Christmas like a crazy woman, or a woman with too much coffee! See his little coffee bean eyes and his coffee bean smile? I love those!

I love this one, too.

He is made from one of Terry's old blue jeans. I love the little wooden "Snow" set that our friend, Jean, handmade and gave us for Christmas one year.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to see my quilted Santas and Snowmen.
Thanks, too, Belinda, for inspiring me to share mine!



  1. I love your santas and snowmen but especially the snowmen. I love snowmen. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Karen in IN

  2. What can be cuter than a quilted santa? The snowmen are darling too. It is so fun to pull out things we love and have them around.

  3. OH Amanda...What a GREAT post!!..I'm sooo glad you showed us all your little 'cutey' santas and snowmen...what wonderful friends you have to give you some of their talented handywork....I LOVE them all....and your 'marvelous' mini hanging quilts!!

  4. Great Santas! I love that they have old quilts in them. I really love your snowmen, so cute!!

  5. Oh, what CUTE Santas and snowmen you have! I'd love to be able to make such things...but I don't have any doll-making talent. :( Thanks for sharing such happy photos with us today!

  6. Too cute! And I love reading blogs, long or short.
    Take care.

  7. Oh I just Love your Snowmen! I have a soft spot for Snowmen!! And your Santa is adorable too! Hugs, Mary

  8. Thank you for showing us your adorable Santas and Snowmen! I especially like the blue jeans snowman...
    Looks like you're all ready for Christmas!

  9. Your quilt in the heading is adorable. Where can I buy the pattern?


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