Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seven Ladies Dancing

Make that 8 ladies dancing; 9 if you include me. I was giddy while making these beauties.

I saw these over at Nanette's blog when I went to celebrate her 1 year blog-aversary with her and her daughters. She posted the link on where we could find the pattern to make our own, and I was giddy the rest of the day! I quickly ran upstairs to my sewing room and started digging through my mountain of Christmas scraps and fabrics.

The pattern uses templates, but don't let that scare you. I used Freezer Paper. Freezer paper has a paper side and a shiny side. The paper side is for tracing your design; the shiny side can be ironed on to fabrics making it easier to use than template plastic or using a light box to trace the designs. I'm all for an "easier way"!

Here's how I made mine.

1. I chose 4 different Christmas fabrics. They don't have to be Christmas, but that's what I wanted.
2. Trace the templates on the paper side of freezer paper. Cut out the templates on the drawn line.
3. Iron fusibile interfacing on the back of each of your fabrics.
4. Iron each of the little freezer paper templates (shiny side down) on the right side of the fabrics. Don't throw away your little freezer paper templates. They can be used again! I was able to use mine 9 times! I must have had super duper freezer paper because I've never been able to do that!
5. Cut out along the edges of the template. Now you should have 4 semi-circles, and you are ready to put your little tree together!

Small Object has great instructions on how to put these together. I used metalic thread to zig-zag along the edges. I used white thread in the bobbin, loosened my upper tension, and I didn't have problems with thread breakage. Since I was making 8 of these at one time, I did all the zig-zagging at one time; much like what we do when we're chain piecing. It made things go faster that way. I used hot glue to secure the edges and to glue the tiers together.

Since they are going to a party they need jewlery. Will it be pearls or gold?

Gold it is!


Since they are going to a party, they need dates!

Perfect little gifties for my sewing friends for our Christmas Fat Quarter Exchange.

Be sure to go and visit Nanette's blog today to wish her and her girls Happy Blog-aversary and for another adorable craft idea. Tell her I sent you!


**Edited. I was having problems with blogger today not letting me post comments on blogs or upload photos. I thought I had uploaded photos because they were in my post as I was editing. Little did I know that the boxes posted, but the photo's didn't. I'm glad I came back to check! I turned off the computer, turned it back on a little later, and everything was back to normal. Go figure!

Edited again! One more little tip. Zig Zag sew around all of the edges because they show on all sides.


  1. Your trees are so darling! I love them and love the star on top. They are darling Amanda. And what cute gifts with the spools. You are so clever with the freezer paper method. They were fun weren't they! I want to make more.

  2. well amanda.....these are the cutest ever...putting the thread with them is genius.....i known nanette is so busy with all her comments, so i'll ask you....what do you think about how they would mail...like when you have to push them flat to put them in an envelope....do you think they would be permanently creased...or should they just be stuffed and sent in a box...???

  3. oh amanda those are SUPER cute!!!
    and they made GREAT gifts!!!

    you have been a BUSY lady!!!

  4. so cute! I think they are calling to me... make me... make me...

  5. hi amanda......well.....i posted the 'one' little tree i got made....go take a look-see!

  6. I LOVE your little trees! With their 'dates' they make perfect gifts!

  7. Your trees look great! And very cute idea giving them dates lol!!

  8. Your little Christmas trees are so cute. I am going to have to make some of the for sure.

  9. Thanks for advice on the construction and presentation. They are so cute! I wonder if I have time to make some, hmmmmm...
    Happy Christmas!

  10. That quilt on your banner is too cute.

  11. Amanda, those trees are adorable. Thank you for providing the link. I like the Christmas fabrics too!

  12. i saw belinda's earlier...these are totally great. i think they would make cute hostess gifts too.

  13. Ooooo! They are so cute! I will have to make some if I have time!


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