Monday, January 12, 2009

Diet Challenge Monday

Last week Sharon decided to start a diet group through her blog. So many people signed up to join the challenge, she didn't have enough room on her sidebar to list everyone's blogs! The rules of the challenge are to do our best and post our progress on Monday's. None of us want our blogs to become diet blogs, so Monday's are the day we are to post. That's probably good since it's right after the weekend. It will keep us "in check" so we'll think twice about what we eat over the weekend.

I'm not on the list on her sidebar, but I still want to play! Afterall, I have about 30 pounds I need to lose and, with Sharon as a coach, what better time to do it! The love and support from Sharon, and the rest of the bloggers partcipating, will be great. And with Sharon, you get tons of laughs and lots of fun. That's a given!

Last Monday was when everyone else started. I found out about it on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I'm a little late in starting, but that's okay. I did exercise some last week, and I sort of watched what I ate. Starting today, though, I'm making it official.

Sharon posted before photos, which she has encouraged all of us to do as well. Well, I'm not as brave as Sharon, and I really don't want to show you guys what I look like in a tight t-shirt and tight pants. However, I will show you my front side, including my hips. I always edit those out because they're huge! goes. Are you ready? Ugghhh!!!

Are your eyes hurting?? The first photo is of me (right) with Terry during a class she was teaching. The second one is of me standing in front of the quilt I recieved for being President of my Quilt Guild for two years. It was hanging in our guild's 25th Anniversary Quilt Show.

I have a few rolls on my belly; not so much on my back.

I'll admit neither one of these pictures are flattering to me, but they're me! I'm having fun with my grand kids (although it doesn't look like they're having fun!), and fun with my quilting friends. The rolls are probably there from having too much fun with the grand kids baking cookies, or from all the great food my quilting friends make when we get together. Moderation, Amanda. Moderation.

Here's what it all looks like in a dress. It was my guild's 25th Anniversary party. Doris was so sweet to pose with me.

Saturday I was cleaning out my closet. I found a pair of pants that I wore when I was much much larger than I am today. I weighed over 200 pounds, had three chins, huge rolls on my back, I had a stomach the size of a basketball, and my hips were larger than they are now. I lost that weight eating low fat (Susan Powter) and exercising every day. I lost 60 pounds. That was 14 years ago. What worked for me then doesn't seem to work for me now.

What does work for me now is eating low carb, but I'm going to do it the Weight Watchers way, which is their Core Plan. I really like it because I eat healthier than what I do on their Flex Plan. Also there are more food choices on the Core Plan than on a low carb plan. It just seems healthier eating low fat/fat free and sugar free. My goal is to plan my meals, eat according to the Core Plan, and exercise at the all women's gym that I go to or walks with my dog.

Today is my first official day. I didn't weigh myself today because I sort of forgot about it. I'll do it tomorrow. I did, however, eat according to the plan and I went to the gym and did aerobics and weight training.

I'm not as brave as Sharon; she posted her weight.

Thank you Sharon for encouraging us. Good luck to you and everyone else on this fun adventure of losing weight together. Click here to see how together we can all make a difference. I love this idea.



  1. Amanda,
    Do what ever you need to to feel good about yourself, and I wish you success, but you are beautiful as is!

  2. Wow Amanda, losing 60 pounds and keeping it off for 14 years is amazing!!! I love the WW core plan and I pretty much follow it but I do it using points because I will eat too much'd be amazed how much I can pack into a core eating day without counting points lol! But I'm with you on the healthy thing...I really try to stay away from all the artificial sweeteners and fake fat and eat mostly natural foods. I'm glad you're doing this with us :)

  3. We are gonna be such wonderful support for each other!!! You have done so well. I agree with Tammy...60 lbs off for 14 years is a huge success!!!

  4. wow! you know how to diet. I dream of being 60 lbs thinner. You may just inspire me to try a little at a time.

  5. Just wanted to send some encouragement your way! You go girl!

  6. Good for you Amanda!! WOW 60 pounds?? You look great now by the way. I mean FABBO!!!! I'm adding you to the sidebar. I'm not sure how many will show up but for now it's working so I'll get you on now. Thanks for joining us.

  7. amanda i think you are beautiful.
    really i do.

    and when you do lose that thirty pounds, i'll still think that.

  8. Hi Amanda ! I did the "Susan Powter" thing too .... seems like yesterday! Don't you hate the way that darn weight just creeps back on without you even realizing it.... seems I can't let my guard down EVER !!!! ..... but you should definately be patting yourself on the back for losing those pesky 60 pounds and keeping them off for so long! You go girl!!

  9. Oh, wow, you lost 60 lbs? I have GAINED that in the past, oh, 8 years or so. I am so impressed with your willpower. Good job! For me, the only thing that works is a diabetic meal plan. (I am pre-diabetic, but have not been doing much about it, even though I should.) I can do ok, lose about 10 lbs, and then life happens and I end up putting it back on. I think it should be like this: nice people should be skinny and mean people should be fat. It should have nothing to do with what you EAT. Then you would know by looking at them if someone was nice or not. LOL!
    For the record, I think you look great now!
    Oh, and it was very nice of you to finish that shirt for your neighbor and it looks great!

  10. Well, you sure don't look like you need to lose 30 pounds -- I think you look great! Good Luck on the diet challenge!

  11. Congrats on your weightloss. BTW you are way too young to be a grandmother, I thought those cuties were your kids!

  12. Congratz on your past weight loss... thats amazing! I am working on Sharon's diet challenge as well and I think with her leading us and support for each other we can all accomplish our goals. Good luck and I will be cheering you on!


  13. Well I think you are beautiful. And very brave. Good luck to you. It takes courage to get out there and make a public committment. I can't even spell that word so you know it is hard for me!

  14. Right now, I'd love to have your weight to lose. You wouldn't want mine, though. =) No hormones makes it harder, too, but I'm not giving up. Do it now, it'll never be any easier than it is today, but it will get harder!

  15. You are a grandmother???? I thought those were YOUR kids!!! 60 lbs that you've kept off for 14 years??? OMG I'd be so proud! And I am proud of you! Your hips are NOT huge! My hips are what are huge! Maybe I'll have to at least think about joining y'all on Mondays. If you've done it once, you can do it again--even though it may seem harder. I bet it was hard then too. I know you can do it. Keep us updated!

  16. Amanda, I'm currently working toward my certification as a Holistic Health Coach and am looking for people to work with. If you are interested in a coach to work with you on your diet / lifestyle, I'm happy to do so free of charge! This will help me get some experience, and hopefully help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you're interested, please feel free to drop me a note at

    Good luck, great blog,

    ~ Christine


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