Thursday, January 22, 2009

Diet Challenge Monday (belated)

Hi, everyone!

The comments from my last post made me cry. They were so sweet. You know, it didn't dawn on me until you told me that I did lose 60 pounds! Even though I have gained about 30 of it back, at least it wasn't the entire 60!

It had been a while since I weighed, so I really thought that after Christmas I had gained quite a bit. It seems from September to December I gain weight. I go on two quilting retreats where we eat a lot. There's Thanksgiving, Christmas,and Halloween. Of course Christmas eating lasts the entire month between Christmas parties and my trip to see my family in Louisiana. Then there are the 6 family birthdays where I just have to eat a piece of birthday cake!
Here's one of them. This is my oldest daughter, Laura.

She turned 24 the day after Christmas. We weren't going to be home, so we took her out to dinner to Olive Garden the day before we left.

Last week I finally faced the scales and to my amazement, I didn't gain any weight over the holidays. In fact, I had lost a few pounds. Wow! I did sort of watch what I ate. Instead of eating the entire batch of cookies my Aunt makes me every year, I just ate two. And instead of eating 10 pieces of candy that my other Aunt makes me every year (something my mother always made) I ate 3. I guess it paid off!

As I said before, I am doing the Core diet plan that Weight Watchers had. Notice I said had? I don't think they have it anymore. I'm doing well on it, but for some reason the weight isn't dropping fast like it did when I did the plan 3 years ago. I am walking every day or going to the gym. I may have to do both just to give my metabolism a jump start. Hopefully things will kick in and I'll start seeing some results.

I think I know what the problem fat cells aren't taking me seriously, bless their little hearts. I can just hear them saying, "Ok guys, here she goes again. Lets wait a couple of weeks and see if she means business." Of course I mean business! I'll show them!

In the meantime, thanks for the support. {{Big Hugs}}



  1. GREAT job not to have gained over the months that usually cause you trouble! I need to do something about my weight, too. Now I am working on lowering the blood pressure and starting to see some results.....and I know walking would help. Once the weather gets to a reasonable temperature, I'll have to do that. I have a knee that causes me trouble when walking....but I know if I shed some weight, that would ease up. It's kind of a vicious circle...can't walk much to lose weight because the knee hurts....but the knee won't stop hurting if I can't shed some weight. *sigh* Anyway...conrats to you and you WILL lose more. The photo of you with Laura is VERY pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Congratulations!!! Job well done.

  3. It might come off slower this time because you have less to lose :) That's a good thing! I think core takes longer but is a better way to go in the long run because it encourages such healthy eating, and good habits too!

  4. Those fat cells are soon going to be very very scared!! Well done! I am looking forward to the start of Feb when the kids go back to school and rountine starts again, always a bit easier to eat healthily! Lovely photo of you and Laura.

  5. What a CUTE picture of you and your daughter!!!


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