Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Party and Giveaway Winner and Diet Challenge

Alexis and the boys were patiently waiting for our little Valentine party to begin.

I made Rice Krispie treats and cut them with my lip shaped cookie cutter. I got tubes of gel frosting and let them decorate their lips.

Needless to say, gel frosting was every where; on their clothes, their little faces, and on the seat cushions to my bar stools. It was messy, but they had fun.

For dinner we had something quick and easy. I made my Chicken Pot Pie and a few of their favorite side dishes.

I had some left over dough for the crust, rolled it out, and cut out a heart. Alexis was the only person that noticed it. If you want the recipe I have it listed on my sidebar. It's named Nell's Chicken Pot Pie.

My new heart shaped cake pan Steve gave me for Valentine's Day really made a pretty cake.

It must have been good because it's almost gone!


Now it's time for the giveaway.

I printed all of the people that left me a comment before midnight.
I put them in my heart shaped cookie jar.

Then I stirred them around and put the lid on the cookie jar.

I shook and shook as hard as I could. Then I opened the lid and Alexis drew a name.

Hmm. I wonder who it could be?

Congratulations, Rachel!

Here are the Rice Krispie Lips!

E-mail me your address and I'll send the pattern to you.

Thanks, everyone, for being a part of my Valentine celebration. I love you all, and I mean that from the bottom of my !


Now for my Monday's Diet Challenge report. This month has been challenging for me, to say the least. During the ice storm I had to eat whatever I could find, and some times it wasn't so healthy.

Although I have gone in the wrong direction, as of today, I have made a big U-turn and am trying my best to get back on track. Good luck to everyone who is making an effort to get healthier!



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  2. thank you alexis for drawing my name!!!

    yayyy i won!!!

    the heart shaped rice crispy treats are SUPER cute.

    sending you an email now.

  3. looks like you guys had a fun valentine's day. good for you getting back into eating healthier! i bet you're rethinking what goes into your pantry for staples now too, huh? :)

  4. Congrats to Rachel! Looks like a fun time was had at the party by all. :)

  5. OOO what a messy but wonderful idea! I'm sure that they painted their own lips as well as the rice krispie ones, too! LOL
    Congrats Rachel!
    What a great day and super you've made a u-turn on healthy eating!

  6. What fun you all had. I can see it on everyone's faces.

  7. makes me wish my kids were still small so they would still be home to make delightful treats with me. what fun memories they'll have.

  8. I need to follow you on being healthy. I just ate 2 doughnuts for breakfast! They were good but I also want to be aware of my health.

  9. Love me some rice krispy treats. YUMMY!!!!!
    You can get back in the right direction. I need to head in that direction myself. Too much eating out.
    Hey did you get the pkg I sent to you?


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