Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Stash Busting Report

I've already posted about how I used my Valentine fabrics to make a cute little wall-hanging and lots of Pennie Pockets. If you missed that post, it's here!

As I was pulling out my Valentine quilts for decorating around the house, I remembered a Valentine's quilt that I made my first grand son, Cameron. I looked at the label and it was 2004. It must have been his first Valentine's Day quilt.

I guess I have been stash busting for quite some time now, even though I didn't call it stash busting at the time. I was just using scraps from other baby quilts I had made him, the reds from a red and white quilt I had made, and some fabric that I had bought to make his mother a Valentine dress when she was about 5 years old, but I never did.

For years that fabric (the blue with the red hearts) sat on the shelf in my sewing room. I really didn't know what I was going to use it for, but I kept it anyway because I loved it. Little did I know that it would be perfect for making a baby boy's first Valentine quilt.

This week I hope to bust more of my stash. Pat Sloan is having on online virtual retreat this weekend called the OP. There's a button on my sidebar if you want to find out more. I think the "OP" means "orange pile". Judy Laquidara is hosting another Quiltathon. And my best friend, Terry, is turing 50this coming weekend. We're going on a big retreat, so I won't be home to do the Quiltathon or the Orange Pile Virtual Retreat, but I'll still be sewing either way.

If you would like to join in on the Virtual Retreat and/or the Quiltathon (it's too bad you can't all go with me on the retreat for Terry's birthday. Like she always says, "The more the merrier!"), all you have to do is click on the buttons on my sidebar and you will find the information that you need to know.

Happy Stashbusting!


For those of you checking in to see if you won the Crazy Hearts pattern, my grand daughter, Alexis, was out of school today so she spent the night with me. We slept in super a little late, so as soon as we eat brunch (its too late for breakfast!) and get out of our jammies, she will draw a name.


  1. Nice Valentine quilt for your grandon......and have fun on the retreat to celebrate Terry's big day!

  2. oh his valentine's quilt is really cute!!!

    and even though you won't be joining us over at pat's this weekend, we will pretend you are!!!

  3. Well, this little quilt is adorable! I'm assuming the hearts
    are appliqued on...Very cute!!

    As for this retreat you are going on...wah..wah!!!!

  4. Adorable valentine quilt. And I love the quilt in your header.

  5. Love the quilt - and I hope you have a fun time on your week-end quilting with your friend...

  6. I love red and blue!! Great quilt :)


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