Monday, June 29, 2009

I was so excited when I checked my blog to see that a few of you Quilt in a Day girls stopped by to say "hi"! That was the icing on the cake after having such a fun afternoon with Patricia. Thank you!

Yes, my Guild's "Afternoon with Patricia" went great. You know, when you chair an event you sort of worry and wonder if anyone will come. After all, I was with my quilting friends on Thursday. Out of the ten of us, only 4 were planning to come, and one of those 4 was me!

I worried for nothing, as usual. Sixty people came! More than half of them weren't from our Guild. I had never seen these people before! You should have seen me all giddy and being nosy asking questions like "Where are you from?" "Do you belong to a Quilt Guild?" "How long have you been quilting?". For some reason asking someone to join the Quilt Guild feels like inviting them to church telling them things like: "We meet here the first Thursday at 9:30, but be sure to get there early so you can socialize!", "Yes, it's a business meeting, but the best part is Show and Tell!!", "On the third Thursday of the month we teach workshops so you can learn to quilt!!" I know they're not the same, but quilting does keep our hands busy and we all know that idle hands aren't a good thing! I digress.

Margaret was my helper. Here we are standing on the sidelines while Patricia introduces us.

Margaret and I being introduced.

I was "Vanna" and Margaret was the quilt folder upper. Patricia shows lots of quilts in her demos, and Margaret was great at keeping the quilts organized and neatly folded so they would be ready for Patricia's next show.

Demonstrating "Day and Night", their newest publication.

Demonstrating how the scraps can be used to make a table runner.

No you can't make that purse with the scraps, but you can make a table runner! Patricia had bought her black and white fabrics from one of the vendors at our quilt show last June. A lady on the front row had bought the same fat quarters and made herself a bag. Both the table runner and the bag match my dress!

After the demos were done, the people could shop at the little Quilt in a Day store set up in the back of the room. There were books, rulers, patterns, charm squares and more. Patricia autographed books and visited with people.

I bought this pattern and a scallop ruler.
I have lots of charm squares to make this pattern, and the scallop ruler will help me make beautiful scallops, waves, or vines. I just realized that the designer of this pattern is one of the Quilt in a Day girls that left me a comment the other day. How cool is that?! Her name is Anne and she has a blog at Sew Blessed.

I couldn't do events for the Quilt Guild if I didn't have wonderful ladies willing to help me.

Margaret, Patricia, me, Jean, and Eula

As I said, Margaret helped by folding quilts and keeping Patricia's projects organized. Jean and Eula worked in the "store". They've been doing this for the past 25 years. No wonder Patricia feels like we're family. We feel the same about her.

Have a great day!



  1. Don't you just look so completely darling in your black and white summer dress! I love it. How fabulous that you had a great turn out. Quilt group is so rewarding. My group meets tonight and Lori Holt is coming. I'm so incredibly excited to see her quilts. And our show and tell is always amazing.

  2. Loved seeing you being Vanna!!! :) Sounds like your event was a huge success......which comes as no surprise to me. GOOD job, Amanda!

  3. What fun, Amanda! And what a surprise to have so many visit! I think Patricia and her Eleanor are so nice and I've learned so much from them! Love the ruler - I may have to get one!

  4. gals must really have so much fun! I don't know of anything like that in my area....wah!! And...I always notice you wearing a look m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s!!

  5. I have been wanting to try a scallop border....cannot wait to see how yours turns out.

  6. You make a darling Vanna.You are so dang cute.
    Anne is such a nice person. I really enjoy her. I'm hoping to meet her someday soon.
    I'm glad your event turned out great. We always stress about stuff like that dont we? It's the woman in us.


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