Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall and Halloween Ideas to Pass Along

As my neighbor would say in her cute little accent, "Amanda is busy, busy, busy!!!" And am I ever!

Our best friends from PA are coming to visit us for a week. I'm in the middle of Fall Cleaning. I've been cleaning, and decorating the inside and outside of my house for Fall. Things are starting to look pretty, but I'll wait until everything is done before I post photos.

Inspiration is everywhere in blogland. There are some really cute ideas for Fall and Halloween decorating I thought I would pass along since I'm not quite ready to show mine.

Jodi, at Pleasant-Home is having fun making projects for her Halloween decorating. Her little ghost family is so sweet. My husband keeps scraps of wood like I keep scraps of fabric. I'll be digging around in his scraps to make these cuties! She also made a treat bag using Monica's Poochie Bag tutorial.

Candace introduced her blog readers to Kaaren a month or so ago. Kaaren is a decorative artist that has retired from her profession as a designer. She still feels the need to create and design, so she started something called "First Friday Freebie". The first Friday of every month Kaaren has a free design for us to download. The first one was in September. You can find it here. The one for October you can find here. On her sidebar Kaaren has other tutorials. I want to make the Crazy Quilt Style Pumpkins! These are just too cute!

It's back to cleaning for me!

Have a great day!


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