Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Wish Came True

Just yesterday I was wishing I was a fly on the wall at Houston Quilt Market. Blogland is buzzing with quilt designers getting ready to fly (or drive) to Houston. It would be exciting to see everyone together in one spot and getting to see the new patterns and fabrics they have all designed, not to mention all the fun they will be having.

Thanks to the genius of Monica and Pam my wish came true. Well, not the part about being a fly, but the part about seeing everything in one spot! Quilt Market Goers (QMG) have linked their blogs to Pam's blog so that we Non Market Goers (NMG) can watch all of the exciting, fun happenings every time they post something to their blog. Monica explains it better here.

I'll be sitting with Monica in her living room under the big quilt tent, eating cupcakes (my favorite food) and other things we NMG are bringing to the potluck, watching our quilting friends with quilt market updates. Monica e-mailed me today; it's offically now a slumber party. I'm bringing my jammies and my pillow. I can't wait! You're invited, too!

After Quilt Market is the Houston International Quilt Festival. I won't be going to that, either, but I will have a quilt ready for the Bloggers Quilt Festival Amy is hosting here in Blogland!

All I need to do is sew the binding on my quilt, and it will be ready to show! How about you? Is your quilt ready to show in the Bloggers Quilt Festival? The more quilts the merrier!!!



  1. Wow - this is going to be so much fun, Amanda - better than being a fly on the wall!

  2. I won't be at Market but I am going to the Quilt Festival next week! Yippee!

  3. I love it! All us NMG'ers get have a slumber party potluck and then we all go to Amy's Quilt Festival together. I better vacuum and make sure I get everyone in the NMG Society invited! xoxo


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