Monday, December 7, 2009

Charming Girls Quilt Club

Wow! That's so sweet that so many people entered my apron giveaway in the last post. Just in case you didn't see it, scroll down to the next post, read it, and leave me a comment.   And I'm excited that I gave you an idea for your next quilting group's Christmas party.  I have another idea, too, which you will see a little further down in this post. 

Most of you know that I am in the Charming Girls' Quilt Club.  To keep this post from being sooo long (like the last one) you can find out about the Charming Girls' Quilt Club here.  It has been a few months since I have posted any UFO's that I would like to finish, so I'm happy that I'm still in the club!

My first UFO that needs to get completed is the apron that I'm giving away. Just in case you're wondering, here are the fabrics I chose:                                    


Both of these will look adorable with red polka dot apron strings!   

On Thursday my quilting group, "The Girls", are getting together for our annual Christmas Fat Quarter Exchange. I have blogged about it here.   It looks fun, huh?    It's like a cookie exchange only you don't bake cookies and your hips don't get larger unless you eat too much of the good food everyone brings and my Italian Cream Cake, in which case my hips will get larger.  I'm making something special for them as a little gift.   I need to finish those, too, so here's a sneak peek.


As you can see it involves triangles, prarie points, little handles, and yo'yo's.  Since some of my friends read my blog, I'll show you what they look like on Sew and Tell Friday.

Here's a Christmas present that I can't show you until after Christmas.

It's a surprise.  Again, friends and family read my blog.

If I get those things finished it would be fun to finish these, too.

It's a design by Nancy Halvorsen of Art to Heart.  It says "Kisses Under the Mistle Toad".  I think I'll embroider the letters while visiting with my friends at the Christmas Fat Quarter Exchange.

I bought the kit for this tablerunner by Sandy Gervais last year and didn't get around to making it. 

It would look great on my kitchen table.
Now I'm really going out on a limb here when I say that I'm going to try and finish all of this by the end of December, but I could get snowed in and not be able to go anywhere!  I wish!!

Be sure to leave a comment on the previous post if you would like to win an apron.  Comments close Tuesday night at midnight CST.  I will draw a number Wednesday morning. 



  1. You sure are one ambitious Lady. Love the material you are using for the aprons .

  2. You have a lot of projects...I remember your fat quarter exchange from last year...sounds like soo much fun!

  3. I think you have more projects going than I do (and that's a LOT).

  4. So many cute projects -- I can't wait to see them (especially the table runner and aprons with the polka dot ties)!


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