Friday, December 4, 2009

Sew and Tell Friday and a Giveaway!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!  I've missed you!!!  (Here's where if I saw you in real life I would give you a huge hug cause I really have missed you!) 

It's been crazy busy around here, as always.  There's so much to tell, but I'll start with my Sew and Tell Friday. 

Marsha standing in front of all the challenge projects

So, several months ago Marsha issued our Quilt Guild a challenge.  She gave us each a Christmas fat quarter and challenged us to make something (anything we wanted)  that included the fat quarter.  At the December business meeting/Christmas party (which was yesterday) we would bring our finished projects for a little gift exchange.

I'll have to be honest.  The fat quarter fabric isn't something that I would have chosen, but maybe that was part of the challenge.  I don't know.  Either way, it was a challenge for me to try to figure out something to make. 

I was looking around in my sewing room holding my little fat quarter up against my fabric stash. Hmm. Those red polka dots look cute.  Afterall, red polka dots make anything look adorable.   Then I went to my flickr groups to  clear my head and get away from the stress of trying to figure out what in the world to make to get some inspiration and I just happened to check in to see if any more aprons had been made in Jona's "Apron in an Hour" group.  Then it hit me!  I could make an apron!!!  All it takes is a fat quarter and a half yard of fabric.  Woo Hoo!!!

 Ta Da!!!  Isn't it cute?!!

At the Christmas party all of the finished projects were numbered and pinned to the wall behind us. (Just in case you're wondering...the large ornament quilt behind Marsha wasn't included in the challenge.  It was hung for decoration and I guess someone forgot to take it down!)  Marsha had a bowl with numbers.  She drew a name to see who would go first.  That person drew a number and got a project.  Then whoever made her project came up next.  For example:

Teresa drew the number for the apron.  She was so excited!  Since I made the apron I was next to draw a number.

I drew a number and got a really long stocking.  The little mittens are made from the challenge fat quarter.
Joyce made the stocking so (after getting a huge hug from me) she drew a number and got this:

a stuffed snowman from Terry!  I forgot to shoot Terry's picture with her gift, but I think it was a casserole carrier. 

The Christmas party was a lot of fun.  As with any party sometimes people show up in the same outfits. 

At least we all have good taste! 


Just in case you've been wondering where I have been, I've had lots of company including my dad and Sylvia (his girlfriend).  I have lived here for 13 years and my Dad and Sylvia have never been to see me.  They both work, so it's hard to get away especially since they live 12 hours (20 if my Dad is driving) away.  He saw great grand kids he's never met ( too many babies to fit in our Suburban for our travels to Louisiana).  It was fun to see him with them.  He said, "Amanda.  Every time you talk about those babies you always talk about how sweet they are.  And you're right...they are such sweet children."  They were good with all of our company here.  I told them one night that I was so proud of them because they had been perfect every time they came over to see us and whoever was visiting.   Alexis walked over to me, winked at me, and gave me "five". 

There have also been a few little changes in our lives.  Change isn't something that I do well, but change is the only constant in the world, so I deal with it as best as I can.  I don't think that I have ever mentioned that my husband took an early retirement in June.  It was either go to Poland or retire early.  He chose to retire early since he has been traveling around the US and Canada for the past 8 years flying home every other weekend to see us. 

I guess you could say that we have sort of been reinventing ourselves.  Steve wasn't really ready to retire, but it was something he had to do.  He has always wanted to learn Auto CAD (Computer Aided Drafting), so in January he starts back to college!  Yay for him!!! 

The other little change is that I have started a business where I could work from home.  It isn't sewing/quilting related because I want to keep that my hobby. I teach quilting, too, whenever I can  so I want to still have time for that, my family, my home, and my friends.   My business hopefully will help support my hobby, which is all I really want (and to re-upholster my couch).   I'll tell you more about it later.  I'm excited about it.  It's deffintely stepping outside of my box, but I think it will be something that I enjoy.


Now for the Giveway!  I'm going to make it easy.  If you want to tell people, go ahead, or if you want to keep this to yourself that's fine, too.  Just leave a comment by Tuesday, December 8 at midnight CST.    Tell me if you like Santa Clauses or Candy Canes.  Both of these go really well with red polka dots!    I will make you an apron from Jona's "Apron in an Hour" tutorial.  Oh.  And you might pop over to Jona's blog and leave her a comment on how you like her apron tutorial.  Check out her fabric store, too, Fabritopia! 

Good luck!  Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to check and see what everyone else has been sewing this week to share with  Sew and Tell Friday at Amy's blog



  1. The apron you made is so cute! I'm a candycane fan!

  2. It's got to be candy canes! I really enjoyed your explanation on the holiday party and gifts. I'd never heard of this before and think it is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing that! Now I've got to go check out those aprons!

  3. Candy canes for me, too --- but who wouldn't love Santa? Even if I don't win, you've inspired me to make up a Christmas apron. Cute!!!

  4. Santa's are my favorite because that is what I do! I am Santa with my foundation to hundreds of little children and that brings me the greatest joy!

  5. What a fun party. I love your little apron and would be so lucky to win. I like Candy Canes.

  6. Hi Amanda! Wow you have been busy. Thanks for the Sew and Tell

  7. What a fun group you have and the gifts they made with the fat quarter were SO nice! As for me, I'd like a candy-cane apron. While I do love Santa, I'd wear my apron while making goodies in the kitchen, and since candy canes are goodies, that would seem the appropriate apron for me. I hope I win!!! LOL Good luck to Steve in his classes and to YOU in your new business venture...can't wait to hear more about it.

  8. What if you like both Santas and candycanes?

  9. Oh, gosh...I guess I would have to say candy canes!

    That apron is adorable...and I sort of hope I win...

    Nice to have family visiting! Glad you were able to enjoy yours!

    That's a really cute Christmas idea! I may pass that along to my guild...we always exchange a hand made ornament & a holiday fat quarter.

  10. I would like candy canes, cause I can't eat them in real life I could at least wear them!!

    Love the apron, so cute. I made my sister an apron this year for Christmas....hope she likes it...

  11. I've missed you and glad your back. I hear ya on the changes. My hubby retired, not early but still retired. THEN went back as a consultant two days a week.YEAH. I then went to work three days a week. ???? Not YEAHHING real loud on that one. But it's only for 9 months.
    Love the apron you made. Your right red/white polka dots are great no matter what you do.
    Ohh I love Santa Claus.

  12. I think a Santa Claus apron would be adoarble

  13. What a cute apron - and the event looked most fun!

  14. The party looks like so much fun. Love your apron with polka dots.... and I love candy canes!

  15. Candy canes all the way! Looks like you had a great party. Our guild party is next Thursday and we're doing a half yard exchange-always fun!

  16. Candy canes for sure!!!

  17. Fun gift exchange at your guild! Ours party is next week. Thirteen ladies volunteer to decorate a luncheon table,and this year the theme is Christmas songs.
    I would love to win your giveaway and candy canes and polka dots sound just perfect! Thanks!

  18. Wow've got a lot to
    wrap your little head around don't
    you!! I think it would be kind of
    exciting to start new ventures!!
    Looks like you Guild girls had some
    great fun going on there too!!

    I guess I like Santa's...I collect
    them you know!!

    Merry Merry to you!!!

  19. I think that a candy cane apron would be so cute. Your apron was adorable.

  20. I love candy canes because the candy maker who first made them wanted to tell people about Jesus. Therefore; the shape of the letter J. Red represents the blood He shed to cleanse (white) us from sin.
    Mary Beth

  21. Hi Amanda, glad that you are back. I have been wtching your blog. Had lunch with Judy L. Thursday, was fun. We talked about you, ha ha. We are going to Shreveport tomorrow to deliver boxes to Shriner's Hospital. A quick trip this time. I think that I would like a candy cane apron. Really cute. Love you, Aunt Jackie

  22. You certainly have been busy! I like candy canes on fabric!

  23. Love the apron and will pop over and Jona so myself... and I love candy canes!

    What a great way to do a gift exchange - maybe next year for my group...


  24. Looks like the project swapping was lots of fun at the christmas party! Your apron was a great way to use the fat 1/4! You have been busy and I'm glad you are all adjusting to the changes, doesn't happen overnight.
    I love candy canes!!!!!

  25. You certainly have been busy! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and get time to relax a little. Cute apron!

  26. Santa for me, please. I love Jona's apron in an hour tutorial. I made one for a giveaway on my food blog last year. Thanks for reminding me about the tutorial - I think I'll go whip up a few Christmas gifts.

  27. The apron you made is adorable, and what a great take on a gift exchange with the challenge swap. Looks lik eyou all had fun! and I am a candy cane girl.

  28. Candy canes are my favorites. I also love the apron you made. What a great idea for how to dispense gifts.


  29. I've been busy too. So I know just how you feel. My full time job often takes so much time away from things I want to do. And it takes energy that I wish I had. I know what you are going through. We do what we have to do to take care of our families and make the best of it. I have a good situation where I work so I can't complain. I can come and go, which is nice. I'm glad you can work from home. How fabulous. Your husband is going to really go through a good but hard time with learning a new career. I'm so with you in spirit.

  30. The apron is so cute! I need some bright Christmas fabric for this holiday season~

    Merry Christmas

  31. I LOVE the santa fabric with the red polka dots!!!!! Whoever wins will just be so cute for the Holiday!!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration you always provide...maybe I'll dig out a UFO or two here. Tomorrow in Madison will most certainly be a snow day with 10-15 in expected! V

  32. The aprons are so pick would be Santa giveaway!

  33. candy canes over Santa. what a great idea for the Christmas party

  34. That's a cute apron! I would love candy canes! Glad you are back. Missed you.

  35. I love everything "Christmasy" so I love them both. Love your new header on your blog! Good luck to Steve, the new college student. Good luck with your new business. So glad that your Dad and his lady friend were able to visit and meet the great grandkids.

    Merry Christmas!

  36. Beggars (okay winners) aren't choosy. I love Satna and candy canes.

  37. What a cute apron, perfect for some fabric I have that I could not decide what to do with but was to cute to pass up at the fabric store (hmm is that why i have such a huge stash). oh and if my number gets pulled I love Santas for Christmas


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