Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

I know you're all busy, just like me, so I thought instead of writing too much, I would share pictures of a little bit (just a tiny bit) of what our Christmas season has been.

I've been sewing,

Belinda's apron she won!

Three of the 12 Pennie Pockets (designed by the happiest zombie I know)  I made for my quilting friends for our Christmas Fat Quarter Exchange.

Holly Table Runner from Art to Heart

Spreading Christmas cheer to my sewing room with my No Sew


Banana Split Pie

(The following pictures are of me with the grandkids for our annual Christmas Cookie Baking Party.





Caramel Pull Apart Bread (aka Monkey Bread)
Red cake stand from Target  (I thought I didn't need it but after seeing Pam's, Elizabeth's and Pat's I changed my mind!)

Chocolate Spice cake for Laura's (daughter) 25th birthday!

She also requested Chicken Enchilada's.  Mmmmm.


Our new Christmas tree!  Now Julia isn't taller than our tree!

Family Room (gingerbread man quilt designed by Terry Christopherson).

This is a wall in my kitchen. The stocking I  received at my guild's Christmas party, the Apron that I made Belinda, and the Santa is another Art to Heart pattern.

(This isn't all the decorating I did this year; believe me!) 

visiting with friends, Terry,

Bff Terry.  I made her an apron, too!

and her furry kids




I love her upside down tree!

(I also saw my quilting group "The Girls", but I forgot my camera.  They loved the Pennie Pockets and my Italian Cream Cake.)

and sooooooooo much more.

This Christmas will be known as the year that "Mom got a new camera and didn't know how to focus it",  (but really it should be " Mom needs to wear her bifocals when she's using her new camera".   ahem...our little secret).  The rest of the year will be busy visiting with family and spending time with them. 

All of you are a blessing me.  I cherish our friendships and I look forward to another year with you sharing ideas, laughing, and spending time with you.    I love you all. 

So, from our family

Steve, Amanda, and grand kids

Wade, Laura, and Julia

to yours,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and Decade!)




  1. WOW Amanda !!! You have been a VERY busy elf !!! All of your projects are just beautiful and all of the kiddos are adorable !!
    ....and I must say your friend's upside down tree is a conversation starter !!!!

    MERRY MERRY Christmas and Happy and healthy New Year to you and your wonderful family !!

    HUGS !!!

  2. Gosh you have been busy and having lots of fun this 'silly season'. Enjoy the celebrations with your family. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Bloggy 2010!

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures. You have been busy!! I LOVE that gingerbread row quilt. Is that a pattern?

    May you and your family have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas

  4. Amanda, enjoyed your pictures. Had to get Allen to look at them also. Wouldn't have recognized Wade with his new haircut. Your grandbabies are so cute. I am amazed at all of the sewing you have been doing. I am so far behind on my projects. Maybe 2010 will not be so busy. Merry Christmas to all. Love Aunt Jackie and Allen

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! Your projects always inspire me!

  6. And, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you ... I look forward to the new year and all we will do and learn...

  7. amanda, everything is awesome! the apron is so festive...even new curtains? wow.

  8. Wow, love all the photos, particularly the kids! Merry Christmas Happy New Year!!!! xo

  9. Merry Christmas! Looks like you're ready--everything is beautiful!

  10. What lovely grandkids! And kids!

    I'm working on the Teri Chrisopherson quilt but it's nowhere near finished. Yours is lovely!

  11. Merry Christmas, Amanda! I loved all the photos--everything and everyONE looks wonderful! Glad to see you joined the red cake plate club!

  12. tell Terry to get my
    apron off!!!...HA!

    Merry Christmas You!!!!

  13. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

  14. Merry Christmas, Amanda! I loved seeing your beautiful family and beautiful home and all the beautiful goodness you've made! xoxom

  15. Very lovely post. I enjoyed it a lot. May 2010 be a good year for you and that wonderful family of yours!

  16. looks like a wonderful christmas at your house! enjoy the holidays!

  17. Aw what a great Christmas. I love the pics and what you put into this post and into your home for the holidays!

  18. lots of fun pictures here! You've been a busy bee!
    Have a great "quilty" 2010!

  19. Awesome post!!! I love all your decorating even if you didn't do it all right this seasons. I am inspired!! Loved those little cone shaped gifties with the yo-yo's on them. Cute idea for friends!!


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