Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

I'm so excited!

 See, the other night Kim and I were e-mailing each other back and forth and she mentioned that she was pulling fabrics for a project that she was going to take to the Sew-In on Friday night.  I just figured it was another one of those fun quilting parties that she and her friends  do at their favorite quilt shop, Bear Paws and Hollyhocks

I'm always wishing that Kim and I lived closer.  (Come to think of it, wouldn't it be great if we all lived on the same street? ) She teaches these fun quilting classes, she decorates for all the holidays, she loves to shop at thriftstores, she's creative, funny, and she's smart!    

After I read her post about going to the Sew In,  her friend Eileen posted a comment and said that she would be there, too.  Now I'm really wishing I lived closer because that would just be fun!  I'm ready for a little quilting getaway.
After I posted my comment I started looking around at her feet, and some of her other little buttons on her sidebar, then I see the button for the Friday Night Sew In.  I clicked on it thinking it was going to take me to Bearpaws and Hollyhocks, but instead it took me to Heidi's blog.   It was  then that I realized through the magic of blogland, I can go on a virtual sew- in with Kim.  And you can join us, too! 

That's right! You can join us, too!   It's not too late to get a project together and join us for some Friday night sewing fun! All you have to to is sign up on Heidi's Mr. Linky list.  On Saturday we'll all get together for our virtual show and tell.  And  on Sunday( I hear Al Roker saying SUNDAY,SUNDAY,SUNDAY) there are prizes!

I'll "see" you there!  I'll be the one in the pink leopard pj's with a red and white polka dotted cup of coffee and a plate full of chocolate chip cookies.  Now that I've figured out what I'm going to wear and snack on (I'll share; I promise!), I need to pick out a project to finish. 



  1. It would be fun if we all lived on the same street - but I think it would drive our families crazy!!

    Fun idea - I can't participate this week, perhaps next!

  2. It seems whenever there are virtual sew-in's, they are on weekends where I can't do them. :( Have a great time and be sure to post photos of your project.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone creates. I have to work this Saturday so I must pass on the sew-in. Have fun!

  4. Amanda, you crack me up! LOL! Hey, do we have matching red and white polka dot cups? There's a photo of mine on my blog post. I'm looking forward to seeing what you worked on--that's the drawback about a virtual sew-in; you don't get to watch everyone as they work!


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