Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentine Quilt Idea Search (with links so you can find them, too!)

I've been trying to decide what I want to work on during the Friday Night Sew In, and I think I've got it figured out.  I'm still debating on whether or not to do something with a Valentine theme or snowman theme. 
  I think I might work on a quilt I started several years ago:  Snow Cabin.  It's designed by Meme's Quilts, and it's adorable. 

In the meantime, I was over at Cherry Hill Cottage and Tina  is making a Valentine wreath out of a heart shaped styrofoam form and some red polka dot fabric squares.  Talk about cute!!  She has a link with the tutorial, too!

I've been on the lookout for Valentine quilt ideas for a quilt that would be large enough to hang behind my couch.   I always do that in January when I really should be doing it in October, but then I'm thinking about Halloween .  Maybe since we should think about Christmas in July, Snowmen should be in June, and Valentines should be in May especially since I'm not thinking about too much during that time of year (except maybe how I should have exercised more during the winter months so I could wear a swimsuit without having to wear shorts to cover my bottom).  I digress.

Check out this Valentine quilt pattern, "Heart Attack", that I just ordered from Crazy Old Ladies.  I ordered mine the other day, so it should be here soon.  She has a blog, too, and you can find it here

Kim, at Bitty Bits and Pieces, has some really fun Valentine tutorials.  There is a heart shaped pillow called Love Notes, a quilt called Hugs and Kisses that has X's and O's, and she has a tutorial for a quilt she calls Holiday Squared where she used Halloween fabrics, but you could use Valentines' Day fabrics, too, or any fabric you choose.

 The Happy Zombie has her Penny Pocket tutorial over at the Moda Bakeshop

I made these last year for my grandkid's teachers and daycare workers.  They loved them!

I really need to do something quick because I'm having a party at my house next weekend, so I need something that won't take much time to put together (also known as a "UFO", "work in progress" whatever it is you call those projects sitting in cute containers that are collecting dust).   I'm thinking Snow Cabin has snowmen and hearts, so I could get a two-fer there: winter and Valentines.  Terry (BFF with a long-arm) said she would quilt it for me next week, and it will be ready to be hung behind my couch whenever I have my party!  I still have plenty of time, and tons of Valentine fabric, to make all the Valentine quilts my busy little heart (no pun intended) desires after the party is over.

Do you see the Valentine quilt in the header that Terry and I are holding?  I forgot about it.  It's nowhere near done, so I've given up on that monster until I have more time to focus on it. 

So, what are you sewing on at the Sew In?



  1. Wow, thanks for all the great links for Valentine's Day...can't wait to check them all out. Good luck with your project!


  2. Thanks, Carrie for leaving me a comment!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the links. Have fun!


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