Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sew and Tell Friday

I didn't mean for it to almost be 2 weeks before I posted anything on my blog! 

There's been a lot of this:  One snow storm after the other.

A lot of this:  teenagers out of school hanging out at my house (which I love).

There's been a little bit of
sewing.  I  got the diaper bag finished.
(This is my Sew and Tell Friday Finish.  Be sure to check out Amy's blog to see what everyone else finished this week.)

and a little bit of sleeping late (really late) which is unusual for me. 

There's been a whole lot of this:  doing the Quilter's Winter Olympic Challenge with Pat Sloan

It's harder than I thought to watch the Olympics while sewing! My finger came close to getting sewed in the seams of the diaper bag.  (I've done that before.  It's not fun!)
 After I finished the diaper bag I started
fusing the applique to a quilt that I started 5 years ago. 

This is as far as I got.  I still have the top, bottom, and side borders to fuse together, but this will keep me busy (along with several other projects) when I take it with me to
 the lakehouse with me this weekend to celebrate Terry's birthday.   Her entire family of girls/women (from 1-65) and me (there's 19 of us) are going to sew all weekend.  Terry and I will be teaching them how to make Turning Twenty quilts. 
We'll sew, eat (they requested I bring my Italian Cream Cake.  The link to the recipe is on my sidebar.), and most likely get snowed in.  Yes, another snow storm is on it's way.

And, speaking of snow storms, I finally figured out who's fault it is that we're having all of this unusual snow.  It's Sharon, little miss red geranium cottage herself.  She moved to St. Louis (4 hours from me) from California.  All she has talked about since she moved there is how much she wants to see snow.  Well she got it, and she's enjoying every bit of it!     

I'll be back next week! 

Have a great weekend!



  1. Uhhhh.....please tell Sharon to move back to CA and stop wishing snow on everyone!!! LOL

  2. Ya know we are getting hammered with snow in Virginia and it's all Miss Sharon's fault...and yes I tell her that everytime I get a chance..

  3. Snow is pretty, but to have to get around in it is a pain.
    Your applique piece is beautiful and your diaper bag looks nice. I love pink and black combo.

  4. We've been slammed with snow too. It's finally let up, but I have to say I enjoyed being forced to stay home. I got a lot of work done on some projects.

    Is that the Amy Butler Nappy bag? So cute.

  5. I love your applique, it will be stunning when it's finished

  6. Enjoy the snow, we only have it a few months every year and it makes everything look just magical. Cute fabric on your bag!

  7. Really pretty diaper bag. I like your applique project as well. Enjoy your sewing weekend.

  8. That applique quilt is really beautiful and looks like lots of work!

  9. Very cute diaper bag! I love the color. Ypur applique is stunning, really beautiful!!

  10. Oh sure!!!! Blame me for that beautiful snow. lolol I'll take it off your hands. Send it on over here.
    Did you say 4 hours away??? I may be visiting you once that snow goes away that is.
    Did Pat say for me to move back to CA??? Sorry Pat that aint gonna happen. lolol

  11. The snow looks so pretty! I really like the diaper bag and what a great fabric choice.

  12. Progress is progress. You'll have so much fun on your girls weekend! Great diaper bag.

  13. What a pretty bag and it will be a wonderful gift.

  14. That's a wonderful applique quilt! have fun this weekend! I love to visit snow! ;)

  15. Cute bag and I love your applique piece!

  16. How great that your house is the place to hang out for the kids!!

    I hope mine will be when my son is older! What a compliment to you!

  17. WOW!The snow is killer in this picture.


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