Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Project A Month

When Peg and Kris challenged their blog readers to completely finish one project a month, I thought to myself, "I'm sure I could do that!"

It's a low key challenge, but in order for something to "count" it has to be completely finished.  This means that if it is a quilt, it has to be quilted and bound.  If it is a bag, or some other "soft project", it, too, has to be completely finished. 

So, you've seen these before, but for the month of February I finished the valentine quilt "Text Messages"

and the diaper bag I made for my friend.

It's a good feeling to get something fully completed.

Have a great day!


Edit:  One of my projects that I said that I would love to complete in the Charming Girls' and Guys' Quilt Club was the diaper bag.  I think this is the first time I got something completed since I joined!  I always have such good intentions. 


  1. Amanda, I love the quilt and I love the diaper bag. They match! Very nice blog.

  2. The diaper bag is great! Was it difficult to make?

  3. Great job~I love both projects!

  4. CUTE!!! And OPAM sounds like a great idea! I'm lucky if I can do a OPAYear lately!

  5. Wow, good for you. Love your projects.....wonderful colors.

  6. Great project and wonderful February finsh... Your name is in the hat for the draw...Good luck


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