Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Charming Girls' and Guys' Quilt Club

It's time to post what I would like to get finished in March for the Charming Girls' and Guy's Quilt Club.  There are a lot of things I would love to get finished, but March is a busy month for me. 

Did you know that March is National Quilting Month and that March 20 is National Quilting Day?  So, what are you going to do to celebrate the whole month? 

I'll tell you what I would like to do.  First of all, I would love to unpack my sewing machine from when I went away a few weekends ago and finish my Bull's Eye quilt.  I decided, afterall, it would look beautiful hanging in my Quilt Guild's Quilt Show in June.  I am remaking some of the super, duper wonky blocks and make them look a little prettier.  This will be the perfect quilt for finishing up especially since I started it in 2000. 

Next, I will be helping my best friend, Terry, and another dear friend, Rita,teach beginner classes every Saturday in March at one of the museums here in town.  I am so excited!  There are about 10 people that signed up to learn everything there is to know about quilting.  There are no better people than these two to get beginner quilters started in the right direction.  I'm excited about helping them! 

Thursday (today) is my Quilt Guild business meeting, which is always fun.  Last month we had over 20 show and tells!  Most of it was from a challenge that I issued to the guild to finish up some projects.  They have been working like crazy getting things finished for our big prize drawing in May, which may be extended because everyone is having so much fun.  The prizes are worth it, though.  First place gets a free machine quilting from Terry.  Second place gets a handmade basket from Rita.  Third place gets a wooden quilt holder from me (which I will be buying from a wood crafter that makes quilt related wood projects).  The best prize of all, though, is finishing projects and seeing them hang in our Quilt Show. 

The third Thursday, Terry is teaching a "Start to Finish" class where she talks about all things quilting from tools to her "Theory of Color Relativity" which is so awesome.  The class uses her stash that she brings along to choose fabrics for a quilt while learning more about value than color.  Sometimes we travel to other guilds, and I help hold quilts and fabrics while she teaches her "theory". 

This isn't a picture of us at one of her theory classes, but this picture makes me laugh everytime I see it.  Terry taught this heart quilt at a retreat that I went to.  We didn't shop together to get our fabrics.  I didn't even borrow any of hers.  What makes me laugh so hard about this picture is that it looks like we just delivered this baby from it's mama behind us.  I've got a big grin with, what looks like a stethoscope (but is my sizziors) hanging around my neck.  Terry looks as though it was a hard delivery!  (It probably was.  This quilt is a booger to make and teach).

This one is better. 

I probably wouldn't be a quilter if it weren't for Terry.  Let me put in another way...
I would be a quilter, but my color choices in quilts wouldn't look pretty and my piecing might not look so great. She's a fun friend to have, and even more fun that she's a quilter. 

So,what are you planning to do for National Quilting Month?



  1. Amanda, looks like you are going to have a busy month sewing. I hope to get UFO's finished and more handmade items listed on Etsy.
    How I miss my house filled with teenagers. Love the picture below of them having a great time.

  2. trying to learn the pineapple blocks, they are driving me crazy, everyone says they are so easy and addicting. I seem to have a mental block with getting them correct. I am doing the green & white blocks w/Pat Casadei's group and try to finish some odds and ends so I can start spring fresh. We'll see what happens

  3. Amanda, this is a peep talk to help you can do can do whatever you set you mind to do from day to are woman...hear you roar.....did that help???? Are you feeling the power???? Hope that helped and take care.

  4. Great plans to celebrate the quilting month! Wishing you a great month of sewing!

  5. I love bull's eye quilts! Can't wait to see yours :) I didn't know it was national quilting month....hmmm I guess I better give up cooking and cleaning and just sew all month lol!!!

  6. I'm trying to work on a bunch of stuff, but life keeps getting in the way. I do a little bit every day and hope to show some progress by the end. The bulls eye has been on my to-do list for a long long time.

  7. Hi, Amanda,
    Wanted to say hello. I miss the guild in the big O, but I enjoy my guild here,too. I have a bullseye quilt in the works. It lacks the borders. We did it as a guild and shared wedges of the blocks with each other. It's on my list to complete. To celebrate National Quilting Month our guild is going to a retreat center in central AL called Magnolia Part Retreat. The retreat center is designed for groups like quilters and scrapbookers. I'm very excited. It's my "mental health" weekend.
    Take care. Tell Terry "Hello".
    Merritt Crawford

  8. Wish we have the same group would be wonderful to share ideas with people who share your passion!


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