Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Thursday

I think that coming up with a title for a blog post is the hardest part about writing a blog post, so Happy Thursday to all of you!

I am in the mood to cut out quilts this week, so  I have decided to take some time to cut out quilting projects that I have been inspired to create.   For example, a quilt magazine comes  in the mail,  I start to read it, and  I go crazy over a quilt I want to make.  I  run upstairs to my sewing room to see if I have fabrics in my stash that would work well for the quilt.  I spend hours pulling fabrics, digging through my fat quarter baskets, and, when I find everything I need,  I neatly fold it, stack it so pretty (along with the pattern) and put it on my shelf.    

And it sits there collecting dust waiting patiently for me to turn it into a beautiful wall-hanging or bed size quilt.   I look at it. I rub it.  I take it apart and put it back together again.  I admire it.   I say to myself "Amanda, you did a great job putting those fabric combinations together.  That quilt is going to be so pretty!"  I look at the pattern.  I read the instructions.  I take some notes.  Then I stack it neatly onto the shelf, again, only to start admiring it over and over, again.  

Here, for example, is an adorable little Watermelon wall-hanging that was on the cover of Fons and Porter's "For the Love of Quilting" magazine in June of 2010.  I have always wanted a watermelon quilt, and my favorite quilt block is the Shoo-Fly.   I pulled these fabrics from my stash 2 years ago with every intention of making this quilt right away!  As you can see, that did not happen.  Please tell me that I'm not the only one that does this!  

My favorite color is red so I have a lot of it.   I love to collect greens and I add that color to my stash when I see it going low.  This quilt was not hard to pull from my stash, however, the little black check isn't "working" for me.  I have decided to use a black and white polka dot, which is also a staple in my stash.  

I have several more quilt projects like this  to cut out this week.  Collecting fabrics is the first step, but cutting out the quilt is the next step in the process of getting it made.  Wish me luck!  

Have a great day! 



  1. Whew! So nice to know I'm in good company! I love selecting fabrics but have an aversion to cutting into them until I'm positive it is the absolute best combination. The idea must simmer in my mind for a long time before it actually comes to fruition. Thank goodness I'm not the only one too!

  2. Boy! Do I feel the same way!!! I love looking at my fabric and it just takes me so long to cut into it, I'm afraid I'll make the wrong choice and it'll ruin my day! Bah humbug!!!

  3. I feel the same way, too, Chris! I think if we take time to choose fabrics, in the end it will work out well. I had that little black and white check with the stack for a long time. When I went to cut it into strips, I realized it was too gray from a distance. So, it gets put back on my shelf with blacks to be used auditioned again in another quilt, I'm sure!

  4. Your post is very easy to understand, very emotional. I hope I can see you again works!


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