Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice Adventure: Week 2

Bonnie posted her clue for week two bright and early Friday morning.  I haven't felt this much excitement in a while.  It makes me feel like a little kid waiting to see what Bonnie has posted. 

Friday morning, as I sat looking at the instructions and trying out a block or two, I could hear it icing outside.  I knew I was going to be  inside for the weekend, which is fine with me.  As long as the electricity stayed on, and my children made it home safe, to and from work,  that's all that mattered to me! 

By Friday afternoon it looked like this at my best friend, Terry's house, and probably my house, too, but I didn't go outside.  This is Terry's barn.  It looks so sweet with a quilt block mounted on it, and the snow all around. 

I would love to have a barn with a quilt block on it.  At least I can enjoy hers. 

This weeks units are Chevrons using the green, yellow, and neutral fabrics. 

It's that cute little block hanging off of the wall-hanging above my sewing machine that blends into my wall so I can look at it while I'm sewing it together so I won't do this: 
The yellows aren't supposed to touch
I spent all day Saturday, in between decorating for Christmas and doing laundry,  cutting out all of the squares and rectangles needed to complete the Chevron units for a King size quilt.  

I would cut for 30 minutes, and decorate for Christmas for 30 minutes.  Or I would cut for 30 minutes and clean for 30 minutes.  That way I wasn't spending all of my time decorating for Christmas or cleaning, and I could play in my sewing room, too!  I will probably do the same 30 minutes here and there when I'm drawing lines on the backs of my 966 squares with my little tool and mechanical pencil  for drawing the diagonal lines. 

I haven't finished all of my units for clue 1, but I do plan to use them as "Leaders and Enders"  as I'm working on Chevrons.  I start out sewing on two of  the triangle  units, work on about 4 Chevrons, then I finish with two more triangle units.
I look forward to seeing what everyone else has done this week here on Bonnie's blog.  All of us with blogs and/or flickr pages are linking our post to hers to share with everyone. 

 Thank you for stopping by! 
Take care! 


Busy Little Quilter

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  1. Hello Amanda!

    I have read your post. It's fun doing the mysterie isn't it?
    It's my first mysterie from Bonnie.

    But you wrote: 966 squares. But it's 488 yellow and 488 neutral isn't it? There was a mistake in Bonnie first PDF for the king size quilt. I hope you have noticed....

    I will folow your blog!
    I have a special blogroll for celtic solstice quilters on my blog. I will put your blog there.
    Feel free if you want to use mines in your blogrol.... am I the first Dutch quilter than ??? ;-)

    Greetz from Holland,

  2. That does look like a very handy little tool for doing the diagonal lines!

    Doing the king-sized version will keep you very busy! Good idea to do everything in short bursts.

  3. Your clue two in Packer colors looks great! SO jealous you are that close to a quilt barn. BEAUTIFUL!


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