Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt Adventure Begins

Every year I have great intentions of participating in one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.  And that's as far as it gets.   I decided this year would be different, and so far I have been busy getting everything prepared.

The first clue was to show us what colors she suggests  we use.  She did this by showing us paint chips and what numbers to look for when we shopped at our local Lowes.

So, off to Lowes I went to get my paint chips.  I wasn't sure if paint chips were free or not (if I wasn't buying paint), so I looked for something cheap I could buy so I wouldn't feel like a shop lifter.  I walked by several gift ideas for my husband for Christmas, but when I saw this roll of polka dot duct tape

I had to have it.  And, by the way, paint chips are free even if you aren't buying paint.  

Now that I had my paint chips I could look through my scraps to see what I had on hand.  I even opened up UFO projects that I know I'm not going to finish, and I pulled fabrics from them that could be used in the quilt.  These colors aren't colors that I would choose to make a quilt, but it surprised me how much of these colors that I have in my stash!  




Bonnie announced that the first clue would be given to us the day after Thanksgiving.  I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve excited to see what was going to be under the Christmas tree the next morning.  I tried my best not to think about it while my family and I were celebrating Thanksgiving, but it was hard!  

Early the next day the first clue was given.  Immediately, I printed off the instructions, and began cutting.  
I decided that I wanted to cut a few and sew them just to see if my cutting was correct, or my 1/4" seam, and just to see how it would look!   And, this is what I ended up with...

The wing is on the wrong side of the triangle. 

They are supposed to look like this

Not all of my white is ant fabric.  I like a little bit of whimsy in my quilts.  I think a few ants here and there on a King Size quilt won't be that noticable.  And blue Spiderman fabric will make an appearance, too!

Many other bloggers are making this quilt, too.  Bonnie is creating a Mr. Linky every Monday during the duration of the mystery quilt until the big reveal. You can check out links to other blogs here on Bonnies blog post.

I would love for you to follow me along.  And, knowing that you're following will inspire me to finish.

Take care!



  1. Whimsy is a very good thing - I've said that so many times, even my husband has acquired the mantra! I can't tell you how many times I checked to make sure that I was adding the side triangles the right way... Great start on BH's 2013 mystery.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to keep an eye out for making sure I sew the triangle to the correct side!

  2. What a wonderful post! I too was a like a little kid on Christmas Eve on Thanksgiving night! Bonnie would be proud you are putting "whimsy" in your quilt. I know she does the same thing! Best wishes with Celtic Solstice!

    1. Best wishes to you, too, Kevin! It's all about having fun.

  3. Amanda
    Greetings from Maple Ridge, BC Gotta love that 2000 fabric that I have too. Enjoy the process and have fun.
    Bev H.

  4. Hooray for jumping in and participating! Last year was my first time, and I loved the whole experience. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    1. Thank you! I have a friend who participates every year, and when I see her finished quilts I always wish that I had made one, too. This year hopefully I will have one!

  5. Your fabrics look so great! Especially the ants ;-)

  6. LOL..I am the same way at the store..if I stop to use a gas station bathroom I feel like I need to buy something! This mystery is going to be sew much fun!


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