Monday, April 30, 2007

Did You Ever Wonder "Why"?

Yesterday I was looking through my quilts, and I ran across this quilt.

Like all other quilts, this one has a story. However, this story ends with the question, "Why?"

Well, it all started when I went to a party at Terry's (my best friend) house. She has a large back porch that she decorates so beautifully for a party. There are antique quilts on tables, quilts hanging off of the banister, as well as antique tablecloths and antique dishes. She even has a quilt on the seat of her swing that hangs from the porch. It's just absolutely breathtaking.

We had lived in our house for about 5 years when we decided to expand our patio and build a cover for part of it. The decorator in me wanted white wicker furniture, a cute table and chairs, pots overflowing with flowers, while overlooking our backyard and the flower beds.

I found the furniture, fixed the flower pots, and everything was pretty, but I didn't have a quilt to cover my table when company came over. So, I decided I would make one. I chose fabric colors that would match the cushions on my furniture. I then decided that I wanted the quilt to look "organized" scrappy. I got my inspiration from a quilt that I saw in Fons and Porters magazine. It was called "Broken Dishes".

As you can see this quilt has a million half square triangles. It's narrow and long to accomodate my patio table. It matches my furniture to a "t". However, the only parties I have are when the grandkids come over, or when I invite the neighborhood kids over for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

Yes, I know that we need to decorate, clean house, dah dah dah for ourselves, and not for when company comes over. And, yes I love this quilt on my table when my husband and I are outside drinking coffee( not on the quilt) and reading the paper, but this quilt has taught me a lesson: to be more selective in the quilts that I make. My time is valuable. I spent way too much time on this one, especially when it is going to be used for a table cover. There are much easier quilt patterns I could have used and got the same effect.

Oh, well. It's done. I do love the quilt. I guess I should change my view of it and say, "Why not?"

Do you have a quilt that you wonder why in the world you spent so much time making it? If you do, post it on your blog. I would love to see!


  1. OH well -- live and learn! But it is a beautiful quilt and you deserve to have it for yourself . (I tend to do the same thing though -- spend time on stuff for other people, but not on myself) But -- we're worth it !!!

  2. My labor intensive quilt involved a gazillion little pinwheels. The end result was very nice, but oh-my-goodness, no more pinwheels ever! Your friend's porch sounds so pretty.

  3. Yes, I did the same thing once. Perhaps we all do... Mine involved flying geese, UG, a ton of work and it turned out a jumble or mis mathced pastel french fabrics paired with more modern prints. Horrible. But, I'm still a beginner so the time on my machine was valuable.

  4. I deffinetly think that being fascinated by something can lead to a passion for that thing, but sometimes we are happier being fascinated as we don't fully understand the consequences or reality of being passionate about something.

    I feel it can be one of those "what have I gotten myself into?" things but at the same time, I truly feel it is only then that we truly find the things that bring us the most joy: quilting, culture, poetry, you name it. We or it caught us, and sometimes we can be subject to it, due to or growing fascination!

    Isn't it a wonderful thing to think about!

    I love your quilt. Quilt with the glass half full!

    have a great Saturday!

  5. Lizzy,

    You're so fun to talk to. You really make me think!

    It's fun to talk about!


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