Friday, April 11, 2008

Quiltathon This Weekend!

This weekend is another quiltathon that Judy is coordinating. If you don't have a project to work on or want to work on something new, Judy is encouraging us to make a log cabin quilt along with her.

I'm not sure how much sewing I am going to get done this weekend. My granddaughter, Alexis, spent the night with me tonight. We went to Hancocks to get fabric, which she loves to do. We came home, ate dinner, went to my sewing room, and she started pulling fabrics together for me to make her a dress. We were having a great time, but the next thing I knew she was asleep on my bed!! :( Poor little thing is so tired after being in school all day, then daycare until 5:30. She'll be up by 6:00am tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll be back in my sewing room. She loves it in there. When she was a baby I kept her while Laura was in school. I used to try to get Alexis to say "Me hanging out with my grand mom and watching Martha; it's a "good thing". I guess I brainwashed her! lol

Terry's grandson's first birthday is tomorrow, so I'll be going there for a little while. Terry and I will most likely sneak off to her sewing room downstairs in her basement to take a break from all the kids screaming. Between us we have 11 grandchildren and one on the way (her daughter; not mine, thank God!) under the age of 7. My four grandbabies won't be going with me. In fact, I didn't even tell them about it. I really need to get back home and start sewing! Hopefully, I will have pictures of Terry's sewing room. It's adorable. And it's really cute with a long arm quilting machine in it.

I'll be posting pictures of what I am working on for the quiltathon. I am also going to post pictures of how I made the little tie for the bag. "Howdie" was asking me about it.

I am so glad you all liked the bag. Thanks for the nice complements! I went back to the website. If you scroll down further there's a hoiday gift bag here which is the lunch bag that I showed you the other day, but with handles. It's cute, too.

Have fun!



  1. Amanda, I am taking a little bloggy break from the quilt-a-thon. Sounds like a fun weekend. Hope you get some sewing in!

  2. Hope you have lots of fun *s* The 'Martha' thing is too funny!

  3. What a cute blog.. I am definitely coming back to see how the quilt-a-thon is coming along. :)
    You look way too young to have so many grandbabies. :) But I bet they are fun!


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