Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine Gifts (and one for you, too!)

I hope your Valentine's Day was a fun one.

I had fun reading blogs today, especially the ones that talked about love. Pam talked about her love for Peet's coffee. I've never had Peet's coffee, but she sure makes it sound good! I do love coffee, though. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I drink 2 pots a day! And I can sleep at night.

Kim loves us so much she gave a tutorial on how to make an adorable Valentine quilt. She says we can save it in a file to make for next years Valentine decorations, but since my Valentine fabric is still all over my cutting table I may make one before I put things away!

Judy is having the give away that I told you about in my last post. I have to post what I got for Valentine's Day before midnight, so I better not write as much as I normally do which is probably due to the fact that I drink 2 pots of coffee hurry.

Okay. So, here it all is in one photo underneath my Valentine tree.

I'm not a high maintenance woman. I don't want flowers because I could think of lots of fabric that I could buy for $50. I don't want diamonds because I could think of other things I would rather have. Take me to a thrift shop and I'm a happy woman! See that heart shaped wreath above my little $3 Valentine tree? I bought it at the thrift store for $3, went to Walmart and bought some silk red carnations, and I hot glued them on to the wreath. My inspiration came from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage.

Give me a heart shaped cookie jar and a Valentine coffee cup and my heart jumps for joy. A lip shaped cookie cutter will be great for when the kids and I make lip shaped rice crispy treats when they come to my house tomorrow night for our Valentine dinner. The heart shaped cake pan will be perfect, too, for my strawberry cake that I plan to make for our dessert after dinner tomorrow night.
It just doesn't take much to make me happy.

He also took me out to dinner at TGIFridays. We went early at 4:30. Every one in my little town decided to take their special someone out to dinner early this year. I think next year we will go out for Valentine lunch! The first restaurant we went to had a 4 hour wait! No thank you!

After dinner we went to see the movie, New in Town.

Steve and I loved it. Everyone in the theater was laughing hard throughout the entire movie. It didn't get good reviews, but I don't ever look at those any way. I always look after I've seen the movie. I don't like blood and gore nor do I like movies that scare me so bad I can't sleep at night. I just want something that makes me laugh, and makes me feel good inside. This one did just that.

Okay. I still have a few minutes before I have to post this over at Judy's blog, so here's what I'm giving away.

I saw this quilt and had to have the pattern. I love the pinks and reds. The quilting is gorgeous, too!

So, if you would like to win the pattern leave me a comment.


Edit**I was in such a hurry about getting this post done before midnight that I didn't tell you when I was going to have the drawing for the pattern. Since it's sort of a Valentine's weekend, I will stop accepting comments after midnight tonight(Central), February 15 and have the drawing tomorrow morning. Good luck!


  1. Wow - can't believe I'm the first commenter! I'd love to win the pattern. Thanks!

  2. Oh...what a fun time you had yesterday and nice gifts. (I'm not a flowers or jewlery gal, either.) We went to lunch and had no wait...I was happy with that. I'd love to be in the giveaway for that pattern. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I would LOVE that pattern.
    There are many possibilities with it. Thanks for you generosity.
    Helen in Mass.

  4. I can see this heart quilt being made in aqua and choc, mmmm chocolate!

  5. ...would LOVE to win that pattern! So cute!!

  6. you are so thrifty!!!
    can't wait to see pics of the lip shaped rice cripy treats.

    it sounds like yall had a great valentine's day!!!

    and here's to hoping i'm lucky enough to win that heart pattern...which is cuter than cute!!!

  7. p.s. 2 pots a day???

    no wonder you are always so bubbily!!!


  8. Wow, and I thought I had a busy Valentine's day--not that I ever could have posted before midnight, we were still out dancing the night away until 1:30!
    Love the heart-y quilt. 2 pots a day? Oh the headache you'll have if you are ever told no caffiene! Love the cookie jar, haven't seen one like that before. And I agree, Thrift Stores are GREAT!

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the movie. I'm always looking for a decent one. I love the heart pattern, it's a great one. I've wanted to try one of those since Kim does them all the time and they look great.

  10. Hey you...thanks for sharing your
    valentine day with us....and as for THAT pattern....ME...ME...PICK ME.....I WANT....I WANT....oh sorry!

  11. Thanks for the link... I like your darker colors with the pattern. I love Buggy Barn patterns, but need to catch up on my quilting to piece!

  12. It sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day! I just finished quilting my little Valentine's table topper - won't make it for this year, but I will have something to put out for next year. I love to work with the holiday themed fabrics during the holiday they pertain to which means I am always a year behind! LOL Like you, I love that heart pattern you are giving away and I would be thrilled to give it a new home! Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  13. Just to avoid the crowds, because we have crazy waits too, we went on a Thursday afternoon at 4pm. It was pretty funny, we got to the restaurant just before 5pm and everyone else had the same idea. If you can believe it, we STILL had to wait, but it was only 15-20 minutes. We all felt pretty fortunate and had a great dinner.

    If I happen to have my name pulled for the prize you can go ahead a pull another name because I have the pattern and have made this darling quilt. I'd like someone else to have a chance to make it.

    I'm glad you had such a fun time with your sweetheart.

  14. Now that's a cute little pattern...

    I'm not usually much for hearts - but, I do like that one cause it's kind of funky!!!

  15. Yes, please enter me in your giveaway--I'd surely love to win! Darn cute stuff you showed in the last post too! Your Valentine angel is wonderful, and you KNOW I just love Monica's pennie pockets! And I'm with you on the low maintenance thing for Valentine's Day--looks like you had a wonderful one!

  16. Hi
    I always enjoy your posts on Kim's blog - feel like I know you. Please pass me on the drawing. I love the pattern, yet know I will not make it. I hope to stop by and enjoy your blog again. Very delightful!

  17. we are just the same in our "wants" for valentines day. Cute post. Love the pattern. Love!

  18. Mmmmm, cute pattern! I'd love to try it out!
    Lurking Linda

  19. I just love this pattern to but never find it, so please count me in..

    Take care!

  20. Fun post Amanda! Thanks for all the fun links!!

    I'm like you and would rather fabric to flowers!! I too don't listen to 'movie critics' I go to movies for my own reasons!!

    Glad to hear you had a great day!

  21. What a lovely lot of treasures and an enjoyable Valentine's Day - sounded lots of fun!

  22. I'm on the West Coast, am I still in time? I heart that pattern.

  23. Julia, friend of KimFebruary 16, 2009 at 12:39 AM

    cute quilt Amanda. Your valentine's day sounded quite nice.



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