Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi, there. Ms. Robin here. Yes, I'm the one who built a two story nest the Mr. and Mrs. Cardnial told you about in yesterday's post. The Nester would be so proud of me. Yes, it may not be perfect, but it is beautiful. I used what I had on hand. It's mainly from straw from Amanda's pine trees, and some dead vines left over from last year's flowers. She left out some little fabric strips hoping that we who build nests would build our homes out of her scraps, but that didn't happen. If only I had Vanessa's tutorial.... Maybe next year.

Sitting up here in this trellis on top of my eggs in my two story nest I get a birds eye view of all the things that are going on in Amanda's garden. Lots of fun things happen here, so I'll share a few with you over the next few days.

Looking down into their little garden I can see that Steve planted some seeds of all different kinds of flowers. He and Amanda were talking one day about how it would be less expensive to buy seeds and plant them instead of going to the garden center and buying everything. Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

Gee. Steve planted those seeds a little over a week ago and look how much they've grown! As you can see here, there are Zinnia's, Cosmos, and several kinds of Sunflowers. Here's a sunflower growing here right beside their mailbox.

I heard Steve say to Amanda, "Wonder how that got there!" Amanda said, "A bird probably planted it." Yes, we're really good at dropping seeds in weird places. They'll dig it up and plant it here in their "community flower garden", a little joke between them and the neighbors around them.

Oh look! There's a bird feeder, a bird bath, and a bird house! There's also lots of lillies, shasta daisies, black eyed susans, and purple cone flowers ready to bloom. The backyards connect to each other, so the neighbors enjoy each others flowers. Often times you will see the neighbors sitting on the bench Steve built enjoying the view. This year the plants have multiplied and had babies(there's babies everywhere!) and the neighbors have had fun coming to the garden and digging up fun things for their flower beds.


Amanda did a little tutorial on how to make that cute little flower pot in case you want to make one, too! You can find it here.

It's almost time for me to go, but, before I do, when I was out of the nest today (I do get a little sore sitting here warming up these eggs and I have to fly away to strech) it looks like there are a few more Quilt Market updates. Pat Sloan (she's so adorable)has fun wherever she goes. Jocelynilla from Fat Quarter Shop has market up dates. Let's just say their "coming soon" section of their online shop is overflowing. Kimberly had to stay home in her "nest" because she is having twins. Girl, I know how you feel! Linda Lum Debono has a new fabric line coming out soon, so be sure to check out her market updates. She also has a link to one of her quilt designs that you can make. It's free! Jona went to Quilt Market, too. She has some great photos and giveaways! Go visit their blogs and be sure to tell them another little birdie sent you!

Until next time...have a great day!


  1. Awesome bird's nest. I'm always amazed how they make them without fingers....

  2. Well...I am so happy that your birdie neighbors have blogged here for us yesterday and today! I have a tree I can see from the master bathroom window...RIGHT outside it....that always has a birds' nest each spring...this year a robin. It's such fun to watch, isn't it?

  3. Well Ms. Robin - you and the cardinals are so newsy! Thank you for telling us more about what Amanda and Steve are up to - so many good things! I wish you and your bew babies well!


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